Drew is 2!

On Sunday we celebrated the second birthday of 'lil Drew. He was quite excited about the balloons, cake and gifts. The big hit of the evening was new animals- plastic elephant and cow given to him by Uncle Josh.

For the party we had a jungle theme, complete with lion masks and decor. Drew caught the vision and wanted to have a tail, as you can see below! Grandma and dad were in the party mood, too.

Its hard to believe that two years has passed since he was born- its going so fast. He is growing into such a social little guy and his vocabulary seems to expand by the minute.

Happy Birthday, Drew!
Extra info: For those of you who are interested, at his 2 year appt. he weighed 31 lbs and was just over 3 feet tall. All the developmental stuff is right on track!

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russ man said...

i really dnt remembr garrett havn dat hair on his face when i was livn there... and below he loox like tha caveman on dat gieco commercial