Meet the family

Well, before I start the chronicling of significant events around here, I thought I would take a moment to introduce you to the main characters. As you probably know, Garrett and I work with teens so we have a little more than the traditional family, you might say. Here they are:

Garrett- ok- so this one is a little obvious. Garrett is my husband of almost 5 years and a wonderful husband at that. He works for Release Ministries full-time and enjoys reading, video games, cooking, and sports. He especially enjoys taking Drew swimming and is counting down the days until Drew can learn to ski.

Drew, our son, is almost 2! He is truly a delightful little guy. He is busy and playful and very sweet. His lastest antics are yelling "Scuse me!" after a fake burp and carrying his animals with him everywhere. He loves animals, Dr. Suess, and condiments. In short, he is a riot!

Russell is 18 years old and has lived with us for almost 9 months. He is a senior in high school. Aside from being a great student, he is a dedicated athlete. He has been accepted to lots of colleges and is looking forward to his graduation in May. He has taught Drew important words like "bling bling" and "Touchdown!", as well as a deep appreciation for honey.

Simon is now a freshman at Wayne State but is still definitely family. He lived with us starting in August of 2004 until he recently moved out. Simon is a HUGE sports fan and a joy to have around. We certainly do miss him around here but are so proud of him.

Zach (not pictured) is our faithful sidekick here at the Release Home. He has been on staff with us since November and is already doing a great job. Besides being extremely easy-going and fun, he is also very handy around the house. (My dining room looks better than ever with a new paint job and double doors hiding the laundry room.) He is a Grace grad and is starting his masters at UNO.

David has been with us for just a couple days. He is a junior in high school. Already he is learning to play "Settlers of Catan" (our favorite game) and learning to appreciate football (NFL playoff games). We're excited to have him here.

For now, that is everybody. We are anticipating the arrival of several more teens this spring and a new baby around July 13 =)



Well all i know is that i'm the most beautifulistic person up hear and that garrett looks like paul Bunyon, Zachs' so ugly he has no picture, David looks like harry potter, Drew looks wayolder in that tub picture, Simon is a giant, and Becky is the maker of the page.... you dont mess with the... PAGE MAKERRRRRRR!!!

Tawnya said...

Becky! Yes! You've joined the blogging ranks - SO glad to know I can hop over to your site and check out the latest. Thanks for sending us the link! Your little boy sure is growing fast!

Renae said...

BECKY! It's so good to know how you're doing! It's really late...very tired...but I wanted to send you a little message to tell you that I'm so glad to hear from you! My blog is one that I pretty much never use...www.myspace.com/lambandbride. God bless!