Piece of Cake

What started as a simple idea is turning into a newfound hobby. (I know what you other stay-at-home moms are thinking- "A hobby? What is that?") A few weeks ago I went to a cake decorating class with my mom and had a great time. No big deal, right? Suddenly I'm doing bizarre things like reading wilton.com, thinking five weeks ahead about the next birthday at the house and actually considering having a special photo album for pictures of cakes I've made. I've always known I may be a frosting addict...but now I think I may be hooked on cake decorating in general!

Drew in particular is very proud of my newfound cake skills. The first week of class I came home with a whale cake and a pair of
cupcakes decorated like a dog. Drew talked nonstop about both attempts- even after they were eaten. "Mama make whale cake," Drew tells people that we run into. And when asked what he wants for a snack, the new response in "Milk and cake." Needless to say everyone is very supportive of this new hobby. After all, in a house full of hungry boys, this is an art form that they can appreciate. =)


Anonymous said...

Lucky, lucky boys!! As a person who grew up with a cake decorating mother, I can identify with Drew's pride and excitement over your new hobby. You will be scoring points for years to come with those skills. Love you all - Kristy

Tawnya said...

You ROCK Beck! I am so excited about your new-found hobby! That's great:) Your cakes look amazing..you look like a natural. Have fun!