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I've been inspired by several friends to start a blog as a way to keep in touch and just share the every day events of our life. So here we go ! I figure its a good new years resolution as well. So I'll try to post something every few days, though if you're looking for more than pics of my toddler or stories of my teens- you're at the wrong blog! =)

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Anonymous said...

Ay, this is big poppa russ dogg, there has been very few people i have truly trusted, and i can still hardly say that for personal reasons, but this home, these people, Garrett and Becky, brought me in as family, and pretty much saved my life, and i'm not the type to let people know these things, but even with my issues with trust and letting people in my life, the skeptibility will be there for a while because it's hard for me, but a place in my heart for them will be there forever.