Drew on spiritual truth

Me: We have to wait for daddy because the car died.
Drew: The car died? Will it go to heaven?

After reading our Bible story about Hezekiah...
Drew: Is he real or pretend?
Me: He was real but he lived a long time ago.
Drew: (confused) What?
Me: He's extinct.
Drew: Oh, I see!

Drew: I'm going to teach you a Bible verse. "Do everything that you want to do."
Me: I don't think that's in the Bible.
Drew (sighs): I know.

And a little off topic but funny none the less...
Drew: (regarding a video game our teens play) I want to watch Soul Caliber. My favorite fight is Nightwear vs. Frodo. (that would be Nightmare vs. Voldo...but whatever.)


Anonymous said...

i love this age and the spiritual conversations that i'm having with emma. "satan is in hell because he doesn't believe in jesus," she exclaims one day. i was like, "well not exactly." so i had to tell a new story about lucifer.

random and golden at the same time. recently one of emma's preschool teachers came into the family; she was extatic with joy and jumped up and down for a few minutes knowing that Mr. P's heart was now clean; we had been asking Father to open Mr. P's heart for a while. hope you are well friend. josh c

Lucy said...

Oh Drew... I need to see you!

I noticed that you're reading "To Train Up A Child"; what do you think about it? Have you read any other books by the Pearls?

Anonymous said...


Keri said...

Uh, that anonymous comment was from me :o) Love, Keri

Keri said...

Me again . . . I'm reading How Do You Find the Time by Pat King--what version are you reading?? ha ha!