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Been laughing this afternoon about some funny things said around here this week...

A crowd of us were hanging in the kitchen.
David (one of our teens): Man, I want to lose twenty pounds by Friday.
Me: Want to lose ten pounds of ugly fat?
David: Yeah!
Me: Cut off your head.
(The kitchen crowd really got a kick out of that one- thank you, Calvin and Hobbes.)

Garrett (admiring the chicken alfredo he made for lunch): See that brown on the top? That's the toasted love.

Mark (fellow Release staff member): I gotta listen to more Sara Groves.
Me: Sara Groves is like Redbull for my soul.

This afternoon someone accidentally locked the closet door, for which we have no key. I was remembering the first time we did that and could not get the door open. One of our teens commented, "This is ridiculous- house full of criminals and we can't even break into our own closet!" =)

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Is it okay if I call you Becky?