bedtime chat

Lately both of my little guys have been choosing their dad over me. Isaac LOVES Garrett, announces his arrival and will actually snuggle with him (for a few seconds- but its a lot for I). Drew only has to hear that he has the option of dad or mom and quickly says, "Dad."

So tonight I jokingly commented it's a good thing we're having a little girl so someone can be mommy's little one. Drew diplomatically reassured me, "Mom- I am your little man...but I am daddy's little superhero."

Hard to compete with that =)


Jenni said...

I feel you. Jonah is ALL about his daddy. Here's hoping girls want their mommies more!

Keri said...

Our girls always want me so there is hope for you with that little girl. Drew's comment is so sweet and so telling about what little boys want/need.

Anonymous said...

I love that!!! Thanks for sharing:)