didn't think that one through

Yesterday morning I sent Garrett a text:

"Water broke! Baby coming! Plz come home ASAP... april fools :)"

It seemed harmless at the time. And it got him pretty good. After I sent it, I began to realize what I had started. This is my husband we're talking about. He once carried on a prank war with friends for over two years and they never spoke about it. He is clever. He is patient. He is intense.

So now I worry that one day I will return home to find all the furniture on the roof. Or wake up to my head shaved. Or my sons sporting mullets. Or...what was I thinking???


Lucy said...

What is this prank war that you speak of?

I think it's AWESOME that you got Garrett!

The Kimbles said...

Being a prank war with Garrett is one of my greatest fears...