It's a rough day. Kiddos are sick with the flu. Cold outside. And is anyone else watching the Husker game? Sheesh. But here are a few of my favorite pics from the last couple months.
In August (or September?) we went to the air show on Offut Air Force Base. It was a beautiful day and a lot of fun. With all the airplanes, Isaac's favorite event was riding the school bus from our car to the base.

I-man loves to swing

The family wagon: not just for the boys any more

Ella and her favorite toy- her feet

Love the bib

Love the bow

After five months it is still so fun to have our little lady around

These two are "thick as thieves"- and every other expression you can use to describe the brotherly bonding that is becoming so prevalent. They love each other so much and are learning to play so well together. Isaac constantly talks about "Drewsy" and asks where he is.

And last but not least....the Donut Professor. I wish I were there... right now...seriously. On this particular outing, Drew got "booed" by a Husker fan on our way out. I was a bit offended (give me a break- the kid is four) but Drew didn't notice. =)

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Derrick, Shelbie, and Kai said...

Good to see these little faces again. We miss them! Love the classic family wagon....we're going to have to invest in one of those! Way to represent Drew-haus! Go Buffs (like I really care either)! But cool hat.