one of those days

It's been one of those days....
...when everyone spills their cereal at breakfast...multiple times.
...when room time ends and everyone who was dressed is no longer.
...when trying to decide between running a quick errand or having a quiet afternoon at home, the boys invite the three neighbor kids (and their cousin) over to play.
...when I look at my little girl singing in the rear view mirror and think, "I never thought I could love my third with as much intensity as I loved the first."
...when the five year old declares bath time is over, hops out of the tub, and wet-feet-meets-slippery-floor turns into a slip and slide party. Two year old inevitably follows.
...when I looked at my husband with awe.
.... when the house was cluttered but who cares?
...when, during nap time, I fell asleep laying face down because I didn't want to deal with redoing my hair.
...when the giggle of my two-year old echoes in the bathroom like music (yes- he was up to something)

...when you just reflect on the day and sigh, and all you can say is, "Thank you, Father."

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Stacey said...

If there was a "Like" button on blogs, I'd hit it for this one. Just that simple word: Like. I like it very much.