berry picking

Our friend, Shelly, invited us to go berry picking at a friend's overgrown strawberry patch.  So the boys came along on the adventure.  This garden was truly a sight to behold- I think we all left a little inspired to dig up more of our yards and grow things! (We do have two little tomato plants that are coming along nicely, but there is so much more...) So here is the event as told by pictures.

Drew carrying a little shovel...I'm not sure exactly why.

I-man and his ornery grin.  I kept tossing berries into his bowl which he would then go dump into other people's bowls.  He would lift a leaf and call out, "More berries 'oer here!" Doesn't he look old in that picture?
Back home with the rinsed berries...we may have eaten just a few before bedtime

And so there you have it.  Sadly, Ella did not participate in the berry picking but she did have "all-you-can-eat" strawberries for breakfast (she finally started signing more- guess we found the right motivator!) On today's agenda is making homemade strawberry ice cream- yum! I guess I need to figure out what to do with all the others. Any suggestions?


Stacey said...

Teeth-whitener. My mom watches Dr. Oz sometimes and she shared with me that apparently strawberries are excellent for whitening teeth because their acidity will not ruin tooth enamel. Who knew?? But you could definitely make some dark chocolate dipped strawberries (as a South Beach treat), and they're excellent as a breakfast item. I ate them often when I was doing South Beach at breakfast.

Tawnya said...

Make sure you freeze some! You'll be SOOO glad you did in January:) If you can hold out that long.

Christy said...

Y.U.M. They look great! My grandma and I made a bunch of strawberry freezer jam a few weeks ago. It's not hard, and keeps well in the freezer, and is SO good on toast for breakfast! FB message me if you want the recipe!

Keri said...

The easiest thing for me is to mix them with a little sugar, put them on top of some pancakes and add some whipped cream on top!

Nancy Baltensperger said...

I like to destem and rinse. Then lay out on cookie sheet or shallow pan to freeze.

A few hours later you can throw the berries into a ziplock to portion out later as you like.

Use to top ice cream, pancakes, make smoothies/fruit ice, add to jello....whatever.