friday quick 5

Sorry folks, no pics this week.  I really overdid it last week and set that bar way too high.  Not making that mistake again...

1. Funny Things my kids say-
  • Isaac calls sidewalk chalk 'hot chocolate'
  • he also calls the neighbor, Isabel, 'Tinkerbell'
  • Drew calls his whoopie cushion a 'toot bag'
  • Ella screams "Ow-ooooo-ga!" in the car
2. Our first tomatoes are reddening and we are excited.  BLT's for lunch today.  I feel like Barb (the author of Animal, Vegetable, Miracle) would be so proud of me for growing my own food. Of course she might take up issue with the store-bought bacon, shipped-in lettuce, amount of chips that will accompany it...sigh.  We have so far to go, Barb.

3. In efforts to pick next month's book selection for the Ladies Book Club, I googled 'best books ever'. I found a list of the best books of all time that was voted on by over 300,000 people.  So I started to read.

#1- To Kill a Mockingbird. I was jiving so far- that is a wonderful and significant book.
#2- Pride and Prejudice.  Read my mind
#3- Twilight.  Ummm...is this for real?  It's a good story but...hmmm...
#4- The Book of Mormon.  And I clicked away.

4. If you had to make a list of books that changed your life, what would be on it? I was thinking on that in the shower and thought of a few:
        - Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott- my mom read this to me when I was in third grade and it began a lifelong friendship with classic literature.  Still love that story!
       - The Tragedy of American Compassion by Marvin Olasky- read this in college and it radically shifting my thinking about the poor, welfare, government, and the church in all that.
       - Confessions of a Naughty Mommy: How I Found my Lost Libido by Heidi Raykeil- OK, so this would be a topic much easier to just ignore.  But seriously, folks, intimacy definitely takes a hit in the realities of having kids.  I came to a point where I felt more like a walking, diaper-changing, milk machine than a woman, and that was not a great point to be.  This book is not from a biblical point of view, and may not speak a thing to you.  But I cried out, "God, help me change!", read this book, and a revolution began (that is all I'm going to say- I mean, really, my dad reads this for goodness sake! If you are interested, my husband would probably send you a free complimentary copy of the book.  And then, if you take it to heart, in a few months your husband would  probably send him a thank you note...or a case of beer...or a new Weber...or whatever men send each other in gratitude!)

5. Nicole S. in Wichita- please bring your husband and your two little girls to visit us soon. We miss you. A lot. Please come.

Those are my Friday thoughts.  TGIF! Looking forward to the weekend which includes going to the Donut Professor, hanging with two of our former teens, building assembling a storage system for school stuff, and Sabbath celebration with my church. See you on the flip side (I have no idea what that means...)


Lucy said...

OH MY GOODNESS! THIS made me get a little teary!!!
(1) I made FRIDAY QUICK 5!!!
(2) I was already planning on CALLING YOU tomorrow! Isn't that crazy! The Lord must be trying to get us together!!!
(3) My favorite book is #1 on the all-time greatest books!

Anonymous said...

I have to interject here.
For all of you who were born about the time of Becky, here is what the "flip-side" means. Back when I was a youngun (in the 70's & 80's), we had to buy records. A single song was called a 45 because of the dizzying speed at which the record player went around. Larger albums (LPs) had slower settings of 33. Anyhow, on the back of the single record was a completely obscure song that was probably on the LP, but hardly ever released on the radio. The "flip-side" is the other side of the record. If you know the flip-side or the 'B side' of the single, you were really into that group. Now the saying has morphed into meaning "the next time around." Which I will say, Becky used quite correctly, as usual.