Thanks to those of you who have posted comments, called, prayed, etc. on our behalf over these past few days. It has been felt.

 I feel like we've been busy enough to not have to think about reality too much. However, the pace of life came to a screeching halt today as our week slowed down, forcing me to deal with reality in the day.  Nights continue to be rough, can't seem to fall asleep, stay asleep, sleep deeply. 

So many things to post about- 4th of July, zoo visit with family, Isaac's birthday party, Ella's pigtails, the latest quotes... hopefully soon =)

Thankful for friendship and faith and Jesus.

Here's some things that are making me smile.

Our friends' (Reid and Shelly) little guy, Kai, is getting so big and chunky.  He likes to hang in the high chair when he's over.

Ella finally has enough hair to rock these little pigtails- and we are totally psyched about it!!!
Ella sitting on the driveway (ankles crossed of course!)

Bikini Ella

Drew's self portrait
I-man taking a water break

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Cindy Marsh said...

You are an amazing writer. I love, love, love to read your insight. May God bless you abundantly and never stop writing. You are able to state my feelings (which I am not able to do). Thank you Becky