friday quick 5

It's Friday again and you know what that means- time for a quick 5.  There is something very nice about having little rituals for each day.  At our house we have Waffle Wednesday- where we eat waffles for breakfast. Not too many other daily specific rituals, but I think they are fun. So without further ado...

1. Sometimes we worry (my husband in particular) about the ability of Ella to blossom into a lovely little girl when she is constantly inundated with swords and dinos and poop jokes.  But lately she has shown that she will be a girly girl against all odds.  She loves to accessorize, for quite some time she has been finding shoes and requesting someone to put them on her.  And now...jewelry. Oh yes, the garage sale season has been good to her in that department.

2. I've had some texts lately that cracked me up-

  • From a friend in regards to rearranging furniture- "Oh what a fresh traffic flow pattern will do for the soul!" Amen, sister.

  • From Garrett in regards to Jet and the shrimp (have I told you about the shrimp we added to the tank? We call them Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner because Jet has always tried to eat them) Texts went like this:

    • G: Having some problems with lunch.

    • Me: What's wrong?

    • G: I think Jet ate him.

  • On way to urgent care with Isaac- I was trying to determine if he had eaten lunch when Garrett was watching him. Obviously my abbreviation for Isaac was a bit confusing- that one is on me.

    • Me: What did I eat for lunch?

    • G: I don't know- you were at church!

    • Me: Isaac

    • G: What???

    • Me: What did Isaac eat for lunch????
3. The red tomatoes are making me happy.  There is something strangely new and gratifying to this city girl about actually picking something that we grew. (Yes, Barbara, I know you tried to tell me that.) The kids are pretty excited, too.  Here is a harvest shot from this morning.
And Ella with her tomato...
She in particular gets so excited to hold them (and mad when you take them away.) During the little photo shoot, I noticed she was chewing and was informed by Drew that she had taken a bite.
Oh, Ella...

4. In a few weeks I will be a homeschool mom.  Are you nervous for me?  Thank you if you said yes.  We have been working to get ready and setting up a little work area.  A few months back I mentioned to someone that I was homeschooling and they said, "Start saving egg cartons!"  Now that I think about it, I can't remember who said it, and (what is worse) I have no idea why I should be saving egg cartons!  Oh, man...such a rookie...please someone fill me in if you know the inner secrets of home education.

Drew's new desk
I-man at the kids' IKEA table (If anyone lives near an IKEA, will you go there for me this weekend and just hangout?  Or maybe eat something from their cool cafe?  Or amaze yourself with what you can buy for $4? And then you could send me a text that says "At IKEA- wish you were here" and I would send you one that says "Not as bad as I wish it!")

5. The clock is ticking and I only have 3 minutes left in my allotted "write my blog time".  I was thinking this week how funny it is that I always end up with a lot of Type-A or high C (if you are familiar with DISC) friends.  Seriously,  I had these friends in college who were just list-makers, so organized...I'm not sure how they tolerated me.  And now, here I am in this little community and my two friends in the neighborhood are Super C's. I remember that my mom and sister were always list-makers, especially around moving time.  I like the idea of lists...I just can't ever seem to find the one I made when I need it, so it pretty much feels like a waste of time.  (What does Type A mean, anyways?  If it's a scale, I think I would be a Type J or K.) Here's to you, Type A people, who keep the world organized, alphabetized, and storage accessory companies in business!

And that is all I got.  Wish I had more time but "If wishes were horses, beggars would ride." (My cute Type A, little sister used to say that all the time...I don't know why.  And she is expecting a little girl any day and you can bet that she will have the most organized nursery you have ever seen.  You go, girl- love you!)

P.S. It's probably bothering you Type A's that all my pictures aren't centered but I can't get it to cooperate and I'm four minutes over.  So sorry...

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