ich liebe fussball

Today was day 1 of soccer season.  I was looking forward to it with both pleasure and fear.  Happy for the boys to be busy, wondering what trouble Ella would get into...etc.  But when I looked at Isaac in his little shin guards and shorts, suddenly I was so excited!

Soccer played a big part in my childhood.  From the daisy-picking phase to the actual competitive training, I have loved the game of soccer for years.  And though my love was sometimes the snack at the end or the new umbros (does anyone remember those?) I was wearing, it is all part of me and my story.  And now I am in the soccer mom phase and it is very fun.  Here are shots of the day.


Drew loved every minute.  The coach did a great job giving directions, holding their attention, and keeping them busy.  If you are a parent and looking for a kid-friendly soccer team, note how much time the kids actually spend with a ball at their feet.  Five years is way too young to be standing in line for drills.  The kids played freeze tag, red light/green light, and a host of other soccer games that took me back many years.  

Isaac was in the same place that Drew was last year.  He was willing...sort of.  Overwhelmed, certainly.  And not quite sure what to make of it.  But I think he had fun and will get it all more as it goes. 

And of course Ella amused herself in our friend's chair (did I mention that our neighbor kids are on the same team? So fun!)

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Derrick, Shelbie, kai, Addalyn and Eli said...

Ah, I can't believe it...soccer! Go soccer mom! My nephews are pretty rockin' in pads and shin guards!! Cute! Love that D's rockin' the SK8 shirt too!