quotable quotes- five year old style

Drew: Mom, you have gray in your hair.
Me: That means that mommy is getting wise.
Drew: (thinking) Oh...I thought it meant you were getting old.

Drew: (in the early morning)  I have two things on my radar today- spending a lot of time with Ella and getting all my school supplies organized!

After explaining my plan to convert the dining room into part classroom, Drew exclaimed, "I'll help, Mom. I LOVE rearranging furniture!"

Drew:(a bit teary) If Ella did something really bad and needed a really big spanking, I would take the spanking for her because I love her so much.

A conversation in the car...
Drew: It makes me sad that there is a dead baby in your tummy.
(after a brief and vague explanation that the baby is no longer in my tummy)
Drew: Mom, when you see other babies does it make you sad because it reminds you of your baby?
Me: (a little overwhelmed by that insight) Yes, Drew, it does make me sad.
Drew: Me too.

He stumps me and surprises me all the time. Three cheers for five year olds. =)


Christy said...

wow. what a sweet (and deep!) little guy.

Jenni said...

Quite a special little guy you have!

The Kimbles said...

Your little boy gives me hope for what my little girls might be like some day.

Lucy said...

Oh my goodness, DREW! I love you so much.