quick 5

Happy Friday! Now about that quick 5...

1.  For a different account of last weekend (written by 2 year-old Lucy, an aspiring writer and influential commentator) click here.  Also click there if you want proof that all cameras (or photographers) are not created equal.

2.  I have a rant about allrecipes.com that I have been brewing for months.  The problem with rants that brew too long is they lose their coherency and become very confusing.  My main beef consists of the fact that people give a recipe 5 stars and then proceed to list all the things that they changed about it. So...is the original recipe five stars or is your modifications a 5 star deal?  That is just really NOT helpful.

3. Why is bedtime with little people so difficult? Enough said.

( How can I be out of things to say? I feel like I am.  It could be the three year old struggling to find sleep that is stifling the creative juices.  Oh man...)

4. One parenting trail we have forged is the value of not lying to the kids. Not that I think anyone who does Santa, the Easter bunny, or tooth fairy is lying, but it just isn't our cup of tea.  So today Drew asked me if the Tooth Fairy is real (I think because we have a Toot and Puddle book called "Charming Opal" where the TF  visits). I told him, "No, it isn't real but it is a fun game we can play when you lose a tooth."  He seemed excited about that. At bedtime tonight Isaac asked for some medicine for the scab on his chin.  I had been putting neosporin on it....but that is in the downstairs bathroom. So I put a little eye cream on my finger and applied the 'medicine'.  I guess, in theory, it will moisturize the cut...but now I am feeling like that is, in essence, telling a fable to my child.  Sheesh...

Silence is settling in, and it truly is golden.

5. Speaking of golden, I really like the song from "Babe" that the Farmer sings to Babe when he is sick. The first line says...

If I had words to make a day for you, I'd sing you a morning golden and true.

On Monday night we had Super-duper Mommy Movie Night (which is the cool way to say mommy picks the movie night) and I picked Babe. Hearing of my choice, Drew scoffed, "Babe? That is a KIDS movie."  to which I replied, "You ARE a kid."  Oh, five year olds...

Well, that's all, folks.  Have a great weekend!

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