quick 5

1. I've found that with the quick 5, I feel like I have less to say the rest of the week.  Probably because I briefly mentioned something that I would have written a whole post about. Sheesh...So now when I am sitting to write the quick 5, I have to think, "Do I want to say that here or write that later?" And then I have to think, "Will I realistically write that later?" And then I usually just type it.

2.  In the last week I found myself on vacation with loads of spare time (while little ones were napping*) and did I ever read!  I finished To Kill a Mockingbird and then read Romancing Miss Bronte by Juliet Gael and Mr. Darcy's Little Sister by C. Allyn Pierson. I also listened to Sarah, Plain and Tall. The book about Charlotte Bronte was one of those gambles that just got tossed in the bag at the library but turned out to be a hit.  I was fascinated by many of the details of the Bronte family and may write more about that book soon.  A side effect of the story was a new hunger (or possibly a renewed hunger) to write.  Oh, I know the blog counts, but I want to write something fictional in nature. It's just so much work. 

3.* I am a big fan of naps for kids.  When people tell me that there kid is dropping a nap, I resist the urge to dust off my soapbox and begin my ever-so-passionate rant of "Don't let your kids drop naps!"  Seriously...it's quite a rant.  The gist of it (with less passion and more logic) is this: help your kids keep sleeping.  They need it.  You need it.  My 5-year old still takes an afternoon nap. Some days he comes down and says, "I just can't fall asleep." So he does something quiet for a while.  But many days he crashes and sleeps an hour or two. I know kids are different.  And I do know that, unfortunately, they will drop naps. But don't be too quick to let them make that decision.  You're the parent.  The boss.  The big cheese.  You're the one who has crusty stuff on your jeans, goldfish crackers all over your car, a bachelor's degree that is getting dusty, and uses words like "potty" and "yum-yum" even in adult company. So don't let those perks pass you by- you decide the nap! 

4. What's not to love about fall?  It feels so cliche to love fall, like everybody loves fall, but I can't deny that I just love fall. I think fall is God's way of helping us to enjoy change. 

5. I have several blog posts brewing in my head, but they all feel so weighty.  I know I need to sit and write them, partially because they weigh me down when I keep them in and partially because I think they are thoughts worth sharing, but I have to admit that I kind of like being the fun blog- potty humor, kid quotes, witty anecdotes.  No one wants to be the "Don't read that if you're trying to be happy" blog...but I guess somebody has to fill that niche!

Well, that's it for today folks. TGIF!!!!!


The Weddles said...

well done! This post made me laugh. I enjoy your writing.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Emily! I noticed you have been blogging again lately and it is fun to see your updates. Your little man is not so little any more =)