just a quick family picture...maybe

You know how it goes.  The whole fam is dressed up and you think, "We should get a family picture." Great idea...or maybe not.

What's with those facial expressions?  Apparently my husband is the only member of the family who knows how to take a picture.  Re-try.

Better...sort of.  Two adults smiling, two children facing the camera, not sure why the boys are now lower while girls are standing...or why Drew seems to think his tongue should be featured.  Take 3.

By this time the attention span of children (who already sat through a different photo shoot) is waning.  One last effort (someone screams behind the photographer trying to get kids' attention)...

Ella, sensing that her parents want her to look there, immediately looks away. But that will have to do.  I think #3 is my favorite, basically because it's the best shot of me.  Just being honest.  

On a side note, doesn't my husband's beard look formidable? This is the word he prefers to use to describe it.  At first I wasn't so sure, but it's kind of growing on me (well, the beard is actually growing on him, but the whole beard idea is growing on me. Important clarification.)

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