meet Tuck

We got a cat.  The story itself is long and drawn out, filed with scenes of "I don't know if I'm ready for this" and then me totally falling to mush and wanting to take home 5 kittens (OK...2) But in the end, we brought home Tuck, our 6-month old kitten. He. Is. The. Bomb. 

It's been a week now and we're all still gaga over him.  He's a snuggler, kind of.  He chases things, hunts at night, stalks flies, and is working on the secret to getting into the fish tank.
He naps with the boys in the afternoon.  He visits Ella during her book time.  She follows him around the house screaming, "Tuck-tuck!!!" She squeezes, kisses, holds, and ruffles his fur constantly, and he couldn't care less. 

Tuck shares my love for the red appliances.

He has yellow eyes. We named him after Friar Tuck in the Robin Hood series we just read by Stephen Lawhead. (Yes, we are that dorky) I fear we are turning into cat people.  No offense to my friends who are cat people.  But when you pride yourself on being a dog person, the sudden love of your new cat has you a little unnerved. 

There you have it. Haven't seen or heard much mice action since his arrival.  Hopefully that will stay!

Drew and Isaac got to accompany Tuck to the vet where they learned all about ear mites, heart worms, fleas, etc.  Who knew that one vet trip would increase our vocabularies and change our play so much!

On a side note, Drew observed, "The Humane Society is kind of like a thrift store for pets!" I guess so.

On another side note, I would like to go on the record as saying that I love the color of my dining room in that picture. And in real life (Urban Loft, for those of you who are into color names.) OK- now I'm done.



The Kimbles said...

I'm so proud and happy for you, because a) you got a cat, and b) you got an orange cat. Oh, and don't fight your love for cats. It's not shameful.

Teresa said...

Today I asked the kids if they knew why Garrett & Becky got a cat.

I was helping Elijah with Spelling, and I was trying to get him to say the word 'rid.'

Esther quickly answered from the other room, "To run away the mouses!"