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What's this...did you doubt that the quick 5 would make it up this Friday?  I kind of did, too.  My last 24 hours has been a roller coaster of emotion- a cleaning frenzy that lasted into the night, woke up still all jazzed up and way over-estimating my abilities to do anything with children, and then a late morning crash in Target that was...not pretty. And it all went downhill from there.  But the show must go on, right?  Here's my quick 5.

1. This week we made sun-dried tomatoes!  It is really easy you just cook a lot of tomatoes for a long time and then they shrivel up. I confess that I have not really been a fan of sun-dried tomatoes since I vomited a sun-dried tomato bagel in traffic during the early days of pregnancy #2. It was disturbing on many levels, and left a lasting impression that 1) I don't like  the flavor of sun-dried tomatoes and 2) don't adjust your scarf while wearing a seat belt while experiencing the sensitive gag reflex of first trimester.

Where was I going with this? Oh, right.  The tomatoes.  I will show you in detail this complicated process:

Cut tomatoes.  Put on cookie sheet. Slather with garlic and herbs (I used thyme)

Bake in oven at 180 degrees for 13 hours. Voila.

2. For reading, we do an activity we call "Silly Story Strips".  In this game I make up a silly story and print each sentence on a strip of construction paper.  Then Drew reads the sentences and has to put them in a logical order.  He digs it because most of the stories are humorous.  And I dig it  because he actually has to read each strip almost ten times to do the task.  Here he is, the little genius.
The writing is pretty deep stuff.  I am, after all, an aspiring author.  Here is just a taste of story #1:

Sam and the pig nap on the mat.
Sam had a bat.
Sam hit the pig.
The pig bit Sam.
Bad Sam! Bad pig!
The pig is sad.  Sam is sad.
Sam is glad. The pig is glad!

(Drew giggles his head off when anyone gets hit, bit, bumped, etc.  He's a boy.  He's 5. )
He also likes stories that feature our family:

Ella and Isaac ran!
Isaac sat in a tree.
Ella sat on a log.
A dog sat on Ella. (cue hysterical laughter)
Ella fell off the log.
Help me, Isaac!
Isaac got the dog! (read with vengeance)

He was hoping that "Ella bit the dog" would fall in there somewhere, but I do have my limits. 

3. The new book in The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan  came out this week and we got it!  There are only two left in the series that will wrap up this epic story.  The new book, Towers of Midnight, is a slim 850 pages. Sheesh.  Here we go! On a side note, I noticed on Amazon this week that the day after the book was released, there were 39 reviews.  Seriously???? Maybe some of those people had advanced copies, but to read that book and then write a review in under 48 hours...well, sounds like a dream job to me.  

4. I'm not into bumper stickers.  I'm not sure why.  There is a mini van bopping around a nearby suburb with a bumper sticker that says "Jesus was breastfed".  The first time I read it, I blurted out, "So was Hitler!" It's irritating to me that someone would try to try to use Jesus as a way to just state their own opinion.  I mean, if you're going to try to imitate Christ in every extreme of your life- I guess you should go for it.  But maybe pry off that bumper sticker and slap it on a donkey...right? I dunno.  The breastfeeding crowd gets a little passionate in their campaign, as proven by a poster at our local nutrition office that says "Breast milk was made for babies. Cow's milk was made for baby cows." I was tempted to ask my nutritionist, So does that mean you don't drink cow's milk? (And besides, nobody feeds cow milk to babies).However, in my twenty-something years of living (oh- 29 if you must know!) I have found that there are a few careers with a diminished sense of humor: DMV workers, Health Inspectors, and Lactation Consultants. (Have I told you about the time my husband was trying to joke with the lactation consultant? Some day I will.)

5. OK, today is that day. After the birth of Drew, we were in the hospital several days and the lactation consultant made her rounds.  It was a funny dynamic because she wasn't extremely warm or friendly, but she asked such personal questions.  Early one morning she had stopped in to check on us and Garrett was snoozing on the couch.  She greets me curtly and then says, "So how are your nipples feeling?" Garrett immediately sits up, ruffled bedhead and all, and responds, "Not great.  I think I am chafing a little." She just blinked at him and turned back to me. In the moment, it was funny.  After she left the room, in a huff of indignation and with encouragement to drink more water and nurse more often, it was hysterical.  And it still makes me laugh to this day.  Garrett has continued his quest to make lactation consultants laugh, with little success I'm afraid. 

Guess that's it.  Happy November. Happy weekend.  Happy daylight savings change.  27 posts left until the big 3-0-0. Yikes.  


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I actually slapped my leg and laughed hysterically at #5 and was then made fun of by Jacob.

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What a way to end the evening--going to bed now and laughing all the way!