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Happy Thanksgiving! Hope your holiday was characterized by full stomachs and happy hearts.  "A thankful heart is a happy heart" is something we often say around our house (quoting Jr. Asparagus).



There goes the quick 5:

1.  Right now I am taking a break from packing and am feeling a little loopy. (I'm going to stealth post this guy by actually setting it to post on Friday- genius, right?) As I pack, I marvel at how much we need, make that, take for a six day trip.  Every sweater I own? Really?  Four tubes of toothpaste? Really? (It's complicated- Ella has the first learners that can be swallowed but doesn't share it with the boys because it is more expensive.  The boys like bubble gum flavored- enough said.  Garrett has this vanilla toothpaste that really floats his boat and I can't do it...just can't.  I could leave out his, but then I feel guilty that I brought everyone else's.  So four tubes it is, I guess.) I am proud to say I am only taking one pair of shoes (and wearing one- does that mean I'm taking two? Sounds less like a big deal.) Anyways, packing is going well, but not well enough to ramble on like this at each number so let's move.

2.  The little men got their hair cut today.  It was darling to watch Isaac talk to his stylist. "I going to Calarado.  I going to my cavin!" In Isaac's mind, he owns a cabin on his grandparents camp, where they live waiting for him to show up so he can be chauffeured around on a golf cart, four wheeler, or jeep.  Basically a three year-old's heaven on earth. Though I must say it has great appeal to me as well: show up to meals that are piping hot and cooked for you, a staff to do the dishes, Dr. Pepper ON THE FOUNTAIN at all times- what's not to love about camp life???? The scenery is pretty amazing as well; throw all that together with family mixed in and you have an ideal vacation. 

3. Trader Joe's opened up in Omaha and apparently that is a big deal.  I'm reticent, oh yes, I am reticent (random quote from a musical- anybody?) It's organic.  It's (supposedly) affordable. Shoot.  For the longest time whenever anybody brings up organic eating I simply say, "It's so expensive" which makes it seem like I've done my homework, would love to eat organic, but I'm shopping on a budget.  Only one of those statements is true.  I get that natural food is better, less processed equals more nutritional value and less chemicals, but my beef (farm-raised, all organic of course) is this: I feel like organic eating is just another thing you need to be doing to be a supermom. Like scrapbooking. And piano lessons. And preschool. Sheesh.  I plan to come meet you, Trader Joe, and see if we can reach some kind of understanding.

4.  All day.  ALDI.  (that's the new ad campaign I've been scheming up for ALDI. For some reason they won't answer my e-mails or phone calls or text messages or posts left on their corporate bulletin board. I hope they aren't holding a grudge about that tiny complaint I filed in regards to the fact that our new store does not sell alcohol. You may be surprised to find that cheap wine and I get along quite nicely.)

5. Nothing I said in #4 is true (except that part about scheming for their ad campaign. And I do like wine...I think.) 

It's Black Friday- be careful out there, you crazy shoppers!  

Over and out.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like quite a vacation in many ways! Your dad and I were some of those crazy shoppers, but not until 7:00 this morning - and found all but one item and still got some sleep! Very productive morning! Enjoy the Dr. Pepper, the hot-cooked meals, the "cavin" and your time with family! Mom

Anonymous said...

Where in Colorado are you guys going? Any chance of getting coffee? I would drive quite a ways to see you...


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