this and that

Spent the last hour and a half tinkering with this blog.  So many fun templates and classy looks that just weren't us.  So here is where I landed.  What do you think?

This evening Garrett met a mouse in the bathroom, which ended with him chasing it with a broom and me sitting on the kitchen island. We are contemplating a cat. Seriously. Please don't mention this to the little people, but a feline friend is looking pretty good right now. I'm contemplating an ad that goes like this:  "WANTED: Hungry Cat who is potty-trained; light housekeeping required." We'll see. 

Guess that's it for now.  Just wanted to post a note in case you stopped in and thought you were at the wrong blog.  We're still here. Glad you are, too. 



Teresa said...

I wanted to say, "Where am I?" because last night's interim background was so different from the new one I saw this morning.

I don't know how you come up with the wonderful tag lines you use. 'Where the writing on the wall is usually in crayon' is just awesome. I think you must have some kind of secret list you keep going to for these hilarious and profound statements ... but then I remember whose blog I am reading.

Becky said...

Thanks, friend. And double thanks for the clean pantry =)

Christy said...

I, too, love the tagline about writing on the wall...in crayon. ;) We had mice problems in college and I wanted to share a trick with you...
1) mix a little peanut butter with some shreds of cotton from a cotton ball, and stick that on a mouse trap.
2) mouse eats peanut butter and gets teeth stuck in cotton.
3) snap
4) leave until husband comes home to dispose of.

GOOD LUCK. eek, I can't stand mice!!!!!

Jennie said...

We have also recently considered a cat because we are going on mouse #4 for this winter and our mice seem to be very brave. They don't eat our food or dirty our floor(to my knowledge) they just love to make appearances to let us know they are here:)
Thanks for the story:)