quick 5

Let's cut the small talk and get right to it.

1.  Don't you just love doing crafts with your kids? Digging out supplies, getting paint on every limb and kitchen surface, finding glitter on the floor for weeks , gluing things to the butcher block that may never come off. Crafts, for me, is up there by dentist appointments- I do it for conscience sake but it doesn't float my boat.  So I decided to attempt a Thanksgiving craft before leaving on our trip.

When I picture doing a craft with my children, in my mind it looks like this...
but in my kitchen, it looks like this...
Ah, well.  In the end we had a very nice evening together making these 
little turkey hand prints:

2. In Colorado we got to spend some quality time with the cousins. Here are all six of them:

Drew (5), Kai (3), Addie (18 months), Isaac (3), Eli (5 months) and Ella (18 months).  That's a lot of little people.  A lot of diaper changes, runny noses, and bare feet/sock searching because for some reason pulling our shoes and socks off was all the rage.  The two girls are just six days apart and I can't help but notice their size difference...

4 months

18 months 
(Ella's face says, "Are you calling me husky?" 
No, dear, your extra ten pounds are! Sheesh.)

3. I got a new phone.  It is an Android. I'm pretty sure it's IQ is off the charts.  Seriously, this phone is so smart that it can smell Ella's dirty diaper and shoot me a text.  Well, maybe not, but still it is pretty nifty.  I'm fairly certain that on a future episode of Transformers, when machines wake up and rise against mankind, my phone will be assigned to assassinate Jack Bauer.  Yep...that is how clever it is.  It not only uses wireless internet but it can be its own wireless hotspot!  But my favorite thing about it? It's purple. Oh, yeah. (As my phone rolls its eyes at me..."idiot user" it texts to its' fellow droids). In theory, I can take video footage and load it directly to this blog from the phone. In theory...

4. Week # 4 and we are still nuts about our kitty.  When we arrived home from our road trip, Ella came in the door and began running the house calling, "Tu! Tu!" The boys get such a kick out of the way Tuck nuzzles their hands and snuggles with them during naps. "Tuck loves me!" Isaac daily declares in his sweet little voice.  What a good cat. 

Causing trouble in the pantry
5. Props goes out to the two of you who spotted the "Music Man" quote in last week's quick 5.  Here's a few other quotes that tend to roll off my tongue quite a bit. Can you name the movie?
  1. "I was going through this phase until...now.  I was frump girl."
  2. "It would seem like wisdom but for the warning in my heart."
  3. "I got it, Gracie, I got it."
  4. "That's not for people- that's for blizzards!"
  5. "It was personal to me."
Happy Friday, folks. 


Stacey said...

#1 My Big Fat Greek Wedding
#2 Fellowship of the Ring (YES!)
#5 You've got Mail

I have no idea about the other ones! I'd have to look them up.

Such fun!

Becky said...

Not bad, Stacey- 3 out of 5. That #3 and #4 are pretty obscure. Here's a clue-
#3- That movie has heart.
#4- A "How to" with Marilyn Monroe.