quick 5

Oh, Friday, Friday, here you are again, staring me in the face and asking me to tell you five things.  I would like to note that my good friend, Tori, is now doing a quick 5 on her blog.  You can read it here...and just count it for mine. 

Oh, fine, I'll write my own. 

1. I am sitting at Starbucks cause the kiddos are napping (theoretically..or maybe hopefully, is better) at my parents' house this afternoon. I didn't get a Peppermint Mocha because I am a cheapskate and I don't like myself for that at the moment.  There are these random quotes on the window here at Starbucks.  One reads "Friends are like snowflakes.  Beautiful and Different." And Flakey, I always add in my mind.  Not that my friends are particularly flakey, it's just that quote seems to need that little addition.  Another window says "Stories are gifts. Share". So I am trying to think of a random story to give you....I'll think on it.

2. There's a book we got from the library called "Big Plans" by Bob Shea.  The story is told by a little boy who is sitting in detention and dreaming up how he will take over the world and tell everyone of his big plans.  The voice of the story is hilarious. The pictures are clever. The way the boy interacts with people (the mayor, the President, muckety-mucks, the mynah bird) is downright hysterical. It occurred to me that in some ways I am like this little boy.  Here I am, sitting in my little house, folding laundry and peeling clementines for a living, all the while scheming up how I will change the world with my big ideas. Is that sad or brave? I'm not sure.  But the book is truly endearing and I highly recommend it!  (And it is on sale right now at amazon.com for under $7- so grab it as a Christmas gift for yourself!)

3. Speaking of Christmas shopping, will all you over-achievers who are done with your Christmas shopping please stop rubbing it in? Sheesh. Makes me want to dump a Peppermint Mocha on your head, but that would be a waste of a perfectly good drink.  
I think I would dump a Mr. Pibb instead, for that drink is truly worthless in my book. 

4. A few weeks ago I had the chance to sit down and visit with an old friend who had come through town. It was such a lovely afternoon of chatting and hearing about the things God has done in her heart over these past few years. I guess I would say that her story was a gift to me. So thank you, Panera friend, for passing that simple and honest afternoon with me. 

5. I've had the song "Trust and Obey" stuck in my head lately.  I have been particularly struck by the verse that says: 

But we never can prove the delights of His love
Until all on the altar we lay;
For the favor He shows, for the joy He bestows,
Are for them who will trust and obey.

And that's a wrap. As the year creeps towards an ending, I feel a nostalgia and stirring with the coming of 2011.  My firstborn will turn 6. My baby will turn 2.  I will turn 30. There's something about the coming of it all that feels weighty, as if I should be rethinking my approach to life, fine-tuning things and setting new goals.  I'm just not a resolution girl.  I find that my own high expectations often paralyze me, so to set higher and bigger ones is just downright discouraging.  But that doesn't mean that I can't be thoughtful about how I live and purposeful to grow in areas of weakness. And somewhere in the midst of all that- here is Christmas! So I feel the need to clear all that fog and just prepare for Christmas. Just two weeks out...


The Kimbles said...

Yikes! Sorry to rub my completed Christmas shopping in your face. I accept a peppermint mocha dumped on my head in humility. While I'm proud of the fact that it is done, please note that it is ONLY done thanks to online shopping. If I had to drag out my girls shopping then everyone would only be getting our best smiles this Christmas. You have plenty of time. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh ye of little faith!! Isaac and Ella are napping!!! Mom

Teresa said...

To reiterate your point, two of my three said this after I read them #3:

"What's a Mr. Pibb?"

Tawnya said...

Thanks Becky:)