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One week from today is Christmas Eve! Yikes- here it comes. We are pretty excited around here as we count off the days. And here's a few random things...

1. At first we thought Tuck (the not-so-new-anymore cat) was like a dog in a cat's body: snuggly, playful, happy- none of those cat stereotypes you hear about. Well, the honeymoon is over.  He's becoming a bit moody, passive aggressive, and has a growing sense of entitlement.  Tuck's most annoying trait is his strong belief that he should be fed breakfast at 5:30 a.m. He hops on the bed, starts to bat at my head, and then sits on top of me and taps me with his paws. This continues until I get up at 6:15. One morning I locked him out of the bedroom, only to have him yowl like an alley cat for 45 minutes. Sheesh. He's lucky the kids are still in the fan club. 

2. We found this at the library; it's a kid's book where you look through famous artwork to find animals.  Boys dug it. 

3. I went to the chiropractor today.  He attempted some strange combination of a board, a fist in my back, and me in the fetal position trying to "just relax", all in attempts to crack my upper back. I'm not sure what cracked, but it has been stinging with a dull pain ever since. I'm trying to convince myself that drowning my sorrows in dark chocolate will not help the condition of my back...but I may need to prove it. Sheesh.

4. Today I was making a quick stop at Border's to grab something for Christmas and the parking lot was packed! "Sheesh..." I muttered under my breath, "doesn't anybody work anymore?" I found this little complaint a bit ironic coming from me. 

5. That's all I got, folks.  Not feeling witty or rambling or even very conversational. The burning coal in my spine, state of my kitchen floor, and general reality of my house are pulling me down this evening. Right now my boys are wrestling in their underwear. If only I had half a tenth of their energy!

On an unrelated note, thanks for your input on the Christmas card. Here's some other shots that didn't make the cut =)

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Teresa said...

I almost went to Borders today(and I never go to Borders) because I got a free brewed coffee or latte in-store coupon in my Inbox today.

Could it be other people got the same coupons? .....