your opinion, please

Just finished a little photo shoot for the Christmas card.  Decided this morning that, by golly, Christmas is the only time of year you get to send out a letter to everyone you know (and people you barely know) telling them about how good God has been to you. So we're doing it.

So the little people and I commenced a photo shoot that can be described totally in two words: train wreck.  At the end of it, there were two semi-decent pictures:

We have the classic Christmas shot with the tree:

or the first shot of the day when people were actually still genuinely happy:

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

I prefer the first one with the Christmas tree in the background. Drew's smile is a bit less cheesy and it is a good pic of Ella and Isaac. Isaac actually looks like a little angel the way the light is on him! Mom

Derrick, Shelbie, kai, Addalyn and Eli said...

Can't go wrong w/1st shot of the day! It's classic happy! We're off today to attempt one at Photo Innovations......the home shots in-front of the tree were not even worthy of a vote! Wish us well!!!

The Kimbles said...

I'm team Christmas tree. :)

Jamie said...

I like the first shot of the day. Your kiddos look so happy!! I also liked the family ones you posted a while back. :) Those would be great too because it has you and Garrett.

rachel said...

I vote for the first one. I love how drew is hugging/holding/restraining? Ella... =)

And I also really really like tree shots. Way to go with the pics. You're so right - it can be SUCH drama.

Merry Christmas, friend.

Lucy said...

Genuinely happy.

Christy said...

My vote is for the 2nd photo you posted, "genuinely happy." Everyone has a Christmas tree. Not everyone has your cute kiddos. ;)