Drew turns six

I'll skip the whole "I can't believe my firstborn is six!" for now and just give the details of the much-anticipated Mario party.  Upon reflection, Garrett and I agreed that this was our best party ever. Despite the stomach flu hitting our house for the 48 hours prior to the party, everything was ready and no one threw up on party day. That was a success. 

A friend offered to help and I asked her to take pictures. Genius idea and I highly recommend it- especially if your friend takes great pictures. But this could be a long post. =)

The kids started off decorating their candy bags

My sweet I-man

Drew wanted his favorite pizza- Little Caesars.

Chatting it up

We have such great friends. Gosh, I love these pictures. 

Baby Kai (who just turned 1!) and his dad, Reid

Kai and Mark

First game up was a Yoshi Egg Hunt.  We corralled the kids in the playroom and then hid eggs throughout the main level. And then we set them loose!

After the egg hunt we played a balloon pop game.  In the absence of a pinata (where do you hang a pinata indoors? Really?), we blew up balloons, put candy in them, and then the kids popped them.  Garrett did a great job coloring them to look like a character from the Mario games, Boo.

Drew catching some air to pop his balloon

Sometimes the kids got creative

The cake. Sigh. I had such high hopes for this cake. In the end it came together, kids loved it, and it tasted fine.  The whole process was one fiasco after another, from the top layer breaking in the pan, the cake sliding apart in the night, and the total impossibility of patching it. But oh well...

Ella had many people to entertain her

All the kiddos

Love that smile on my 6-year old

Make a wish

And there you have it. We came. We saw. We Mario-partied. Thanks to everyone who helped pull it off: the pizza delivery people, photographer, best of friends who did the dishes, all the people who wrangled Ella, and all the little people who were such a delight.

Happy Birthday, my sweet six year old.


Victoria said...

When it comes time for me to throw themed parties, I will be contacting you. Be warned.

Victoria said...
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Lucy said...

Sigh... Drew is 6?!?!?!?!?!!? Unbelievable. Looks like a blast of a party!!!!

Tawnya said...

How sweet:) Loved the re-cap....okay so I can't believe your baby is six!!!!

Teresa said...

Cake fiascos.

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