quick 5

Thursday night and I am running on E. I keep starting this post and clicking away because I am unsure if I actually have five things to say. I guess I can recycle some old ones if need be. Here goes nothing.

1. We have the stomach flu circulating at our house. Drew began throwing up Saturday night. Then Ella on Sunday morning.  And then things slowed down, until the flu attacked Garrett with a vengeance in the middle of last night. As someone who rarely gets sick and almost never takes a whole day off work, he is looking bad. I keep watching Isaac for signs, the glassy eyes, the upset stomach.  And I am resolved to the idea that I will probably get it.  Sheesh.

2. It's been 18 minutes since I finished #1.

3. I'm pregnant. 

4. Due to #3, I generally feel like crap, can't stand the smell of my fridge (or my van or my cats), can't wear a scarf, and am thinking Arby's. We are genuinely thrilled, just so in the thick of the first trimester that it's challenging to do much more than feed and clothe the kids. 

5. That's all I got, folks.  I know there has to be more there... just...can't...find...it. 

More later. Maybe. Happy Friday.


Derrick, Shelbie, kai, Addalyn and Eli said...

Keep on the crackers...hope things pan out for HEALTH around there! We will have a party on month 10 w/ z Liter of Dr. P.

rachel said...

girl, I'm always thinking Arbys - pregnant or not. (Though I craved it SO intensely in China! It was one of the few things I could never re-create!)

So happy for your good news! But too bad that they're all too sick to take care of you! =(

Lucy said...

I AM ALWAYS THINKING ARBY'S TOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! What in the world??? I did with Lucy and Elly, too. So interesting...
Hope everyone feels better soon. That's a NASTY little bug.
Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Becky!!!!


Christy said...

well you could have gotten by with just posting #3 and I think everyone would have been content with that. ;) Congratulations!!!!

Tawnya said...

Been thinking of you and praying for the babycakes. So sorry the sickeness is wreaking havoc on the fam. If Arby's is sounding good, by all means, girl, take a trip there! Looking forward to a post on the week without media....sounds dangerous to me.