quick 5

Good morning, Friday! We are up and at 'em around here, with just 26 hours until the big Mario Party.  Lots to do in preparation, so let's get this show on the road.

1. This morning I am experiencing a break from my nausea break.  For three blissful days I felt normal, tore into laundry, started dozens of projects that are all 90% finished, and today I awoke to the churning of my stomach.  While  making breakfast I ran to the bathroom and threw up a bottle of yellow gatorade, the only thing in my stomach (OK- I'll go lighter on the nausea details, in case anyone out there is eating...or ever plans to eat again.) I called in Drew for backup and he began to butter waffles.  Ella helped herself and began eating.  Isaac constantly disciplined Ella for eating before praying.  It was a team effort.  At one point Drew turned to Isaac, his hand on his little brother's shoulder, and said "You have to be a big helper today, Isaac. Mom is sick." Isaac nodded solemnly. They are so darling.

2. For the month of February I am going to be doing a series of posts called "A few of my favorite things." I have in mind a range of things I want to write about, some serious and life changing and others silly and just changing the way I store crayons. I know what you're thinking: Dr. pepper, Sara Groves, Donut Professor...so true.  But I have some new things up my sleeve so hopefully it won't be horribly predictable.

3. Last night my husband and I watched "The Importance of Being Earnest", a movie based on the play by Oscar Wilde.  The movie has Collin Firth, Rupert Everett, and Reese Witherspoon.  I had read the play in high school and thought I remembered it being funny, but it really is more silly. My husband, who remained awake and optimistic, is to be commended.

4. On Tuesday, Tech-Free week will start again.  We are trying a new family habit of turning off the TV, Wii, computers, all handheld devices, etc. for the first week of the month.  We got this idea from some friends of ours with older kids who found that it was a fortifying week, kind of drew them back together and resettled everyone for the month.  During those days, they played chess, pulled out board games, read, practiced instruments more, and generally went to sleep earlier. I'd say that our first trial in January was a success (I think I missed it more than they did!) Our boys love to play board games and Isaac is finally at an age where he can join in. So we played games, read more books, did some crafts, and they loved it.  It kind of begs the question- why not just live tech-free? Hmmmm....

5.  Two stories: One theme

The other day I said to Drew, "Hey Skinny Minnie!" to which he replied "Hey Fatty Patty!" Game over.

Last night the kids and I were at our neighborhood friends' for dinner.  During dinner, a friend was talking to Ella, and Ella began to point out her own nose, ears, cheeks, etc. Drew decided to get in on it and said, "Ella, where's your tummy?" Ella lifted her shirt and pointed to her tummy.  Then Drew said, "Ella, where's your nibbles?" Game over.

(And really? He hasn't said that in over a year and he needs to whip it out during dinner at a friends' house? I was mortified. Sheesh.)

There you have it. The kids have freed themselves from room time and must be corralled and herded to next event. Have a great weekend.


Derrick, Shelbie, kai, Addalyn and Eli said...

Nibbles still? Literally LOL! Love the teamwork for nausea episodes as well...wow, it would definitely have been helpful to have backup! Precious little people.

Teresa said...

More predictable would be girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes, so I will take the Donut Professor any day. Speaking of which, I saw one of their delivery trucks today, and of course, I thought of you.

Awake AND optimistic? Glad he wasn't the one who got away. That is to be commended.

Sorry you are sick, dear! Hope you feel better, and have fun with Drewsy's party!!

Lucy said...

I love the things that come out of Drew's mouth.

Denise Nebeker said...

yes, I, too, love the things that come out of Drew's mouth....gotta try the Donut Professor....my husband works hard to keep me from ingesting those things....he has no appreciation for lumps of dough dropped into vats of fat!