weekend happenings

I went grocery shopping today without the kiddos. I'm not sure at what point that activity became such a treat, but it's been awhile now that being in a store by myself is like the college day equivalent of sleeping in. Makes my day.

On Friday afternoon, Ella (now 20 months) came bopping down the steps from her nap, blanket in hand, pink pacifier in her mouth.  She was cheerful, beyond cheerful really, as she called out, "Hi, mama!" I did a double take, not because it was early. Not because she had brought down the blanket and pacifier (called baby and baa-baa), which are supposed to stay in the crib. But because she sleeps in a crib, which apparently does not hold her any more.  After another independent wake-up on Saturday morning, we moved her crib mattress to the lowest setting, almost eight inches lower. But I'm afraid she caught the vision already, for she popped out of bed this morning.  I'm not sure what to do- move to a toddler bed already? The boys stayed in the crib til at least two and a half, and never made successful escape attempts (Isaac attempted an escape, in true Isaac spirit, but got banged up enough to discourage him from trying it again.) Oh, Ella...so much spunk in one little mullet. 

I went to Aldi today and bought a bag of imitation cheetos, the flavored ones that come in combos.  This bag is Ranch and Sizzling Cajun.  I can neither confirm nor deny the rumor that I have actually eaten the entire bag already, or plan to before the night is out. This makes those wannabe cheetos #91 on my "Things I Love About Aldi" list.  All day. Aldi. And you can quote me on that.

Netflix is a wonder.  Garrett is beguiled with Battle Star Galactica, and is well into season 2.  It's a fascinating show, though I can't sleep within 4 hours of watching it because it creeps me out (it's currently playing in the background and I'm trying to drown in out but it could be a late night.) I discovered a new favorite movie called "Penelope".  It's about a girl who is cursed with a pig nose because of a mistake made by her ancestors. And now, in order to break the curse, she must find someone of her own kind (a true blue blood) to accept her as she is and love her forever. The movie took a lot of twists and turns that I didn't see coming, and I thought it was charming. Clean, funny, laughable, a good message that doesn't take itself too seriously. I highly recommend it, and rated PG so I think older kids could enjoy it. 

Christmas is still up around here, but today the boxes emerged from the basement. Baby steps, I guess. 

The cats have been banished to the play room during the night. And there was great rejoicing. 

Gearing up for a Super Mario birthday party in a few weeks.  I tried to talk Drew into another dino party, bigger and better than the previous ones.  "Mom, I am into Mario now."   In truth, I am OK with the Mario party; I was just trying to get more use out of the roaring T-Rex cake topper. Oh well, Mario it is. 

I'm excited that the quick 5 trend is catching on, as three of my friends have recently jumped into the mix. You go, girls. 

Well, we're starting a final episode of BSG, and there are a few cheetos left to annihilate (and I've been blogging long enough to know that Cheetos + laptop = sticky keys.) So I guess that's all for tonight. 

Planning to blog on rookie homeschooling errors, our MLK celebration, and being pregnant...again. And still owe you a post on the Tech-Free week. So many posts, so little time. Thinking about outsourcing the blog...or maybe outsourcing my laundry. 



Uncle J said...

beets, bears, Battlestar Galactiga

Teresa said...

What kind of a bear is best?

That's a ridiculous question.

False. Black Bear.

The Kimbles said...

According to all sorts of parenting magazines they have mesh canopy tent things you can place over cribs to keep tots from climbing out. :)

Anonymous said...

Um... BSG rocks!!! So addictive!


Jamie said...

You know... you may be able to get one more year out of the T-Rex topper if you call him Bowser... the bad guy in Mario. :) Just a thought!

Tawnya said...

Hahah...outsourcing the blog...outsourcing the laundry! Loved your little catch-us-up.

Uncle J said...

That is a nice catch on Bowser!