quick 5

Five is alive. Here goes.

1.  This morning, due to a long story that I won't go into, I was doing a workout video and the kids were piled on the couch staring. It was a typical video, skinny chicks in sports bras and spandex dancing around like they are in their happy place. At one point Drew tipped his head to the side and wondered aloud, "How come you can see all their belly buttons?" Shortly after the video was nixed.

2. In the true spirit of tech-free week, we have several projects going on around here. Garrett and Drew are building a robot that, by the plans drawn up, is projected to stand 3.5 feet tall when finished. The body is assembled and legs are under construction. Isaac has been using duck tape and stickers to improve an old cardboard car that Drew built months ago (he lovingly calls it the "bat movile".) I gathered a bunch of random picture frames that don't match our house very well and am painting them for a new look to go on the top of the piano.  Ella is doing her best to have her fingers in all projects. 

3. It has been determined that Tuck the Wild will become an indoor/outdoor cat in the spring. Yet another reason to long for spring.

4. I started reading a book called "Church: Why Bother?" by Philip Yancey. So. Good. I never saw myself as someone who would get to the point of really asking that question, but the book speaks to the heart of why do we even bother with church, with all its strange traditions, hypocrisies, and hopelessly flawed members. It is speaking good things to me. More on that to come.

5. I'm trying not to drone on and on about the pregnancy because, let's face it, you just don't want to hear about it (and there will be plenty of inevitable droning when the cankles arrive.) The nausea that I mentioned last Friday was actually the stomach flu, so really my stomach has calmed down.  But it's like my taste buds refuse to believe it.  I still cannot enjoy soda or popcorn.  I realize that this isn't a terrible development, as there is little merit in caramel syrup and empty carbs, but still...I miss them.

How's "A Severe Mercy" coming?  What? You haven't started it yet???? Come on, we are all going to read it so that we can revel in the great triumphs and tragedies of that book. Let's be honest, sometimes I feel like I am a little more committed to this blog than you. What's that? That's because it's my blog and I didn't ask you before adding the busy background you don't like? And you're tired of the quick 5?? You're right, I think we do need a little space right now. Let's regroup a little and think hard on what's been said here.

But not too hard because some of it is nonsense.  Like that whole last paragraph. This quick 5 is quickly unravelling so I'd better go.

In the words of my high school drama teacher, "Be safe. Make wish choices.  I want to see you all back here on Monday." Over and out. 

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Uncle J said...

Do you have any extra copies of the book?