quick 5

My friend commented yesterday I should call this the "quick 7"- in reference to how fast the seven days of the week fly by.  So true, isn't it? Friday, again? Guess that's the way of things. 

1. At 18 months, Drew fell and banged his head on my parents' fireplace, resulting in a trip to the doctor to glue up the forehead (and a resulting scar that is a bit Harry Potter-esque.) At 18 months, Isaac ran into Drew as they scrambled around their room, splitting a gash in his eyebrow that resulted in four stitches.  My mom and I were remarking just last week that Ella had survived the 18 month forehead repair, but alas, she just wanted to do it on her own time. And so, at 20 months, Ella got the trip to the dr.'s office to have her head glued back together. 

Headed to the doctor

2. Tech-free week has come and gone. It was a good one. It was so good that even when we could have technology back, we kind of lingered in the "we are free of technology" glow. Here is the robot, almost finished with just the antennas and grappling hook left to be added:

And here is my piano re-decorate project:

OK- so I just painted the frames and moved things around, but I like it!

And there you have it. We decided to cut back on Wii time permanently, as it seems that our boys have a healthy line that is too often crossed.  So we settled on 30 minutes each afternoon when they wake from naps.  It works well because that time of day usually drags a bit, and Ella believes her afternoon snack to be a four course meal, so she is always occupied for the half hour. 

3. The big news in the kids' world is that they have built a Pile.  It is not some small stack, some trifling  hill, mind you.  This pile takes every blanket in our house, every pillow they could scavenge without getting in trouble, and mounds them all in the boys' closet. "It is the biggest pile ever." Drew solemnly stated.  Each night it must be disassembled so that everyone can sleep, and therefore rebuilt the next day. "We're going up to da pile!" I-man yells as they clamber up the stairs. Oh to be a kid.

4. I had the chance to attend the missions conference (formally called the Jared T. Burkholder Conference on Global Engagement) at Grace University during two evenings this week.  The evening speaker was a woman from Mali who is a pastor's wife and a leader among the Evangelical women of that country.  It was fascinating to hear her speak. Monday night she spoke on wisdom, our need for the wisdom that comes only from God and not from men.  This resonated with me because I feel so often through out the day that I just don't know how to handle my kids, my time, my house, my life. We must call to God for wisdom, begin each day by asking Him to give us His wisdom, and then live confidently out of that. The second night she spoke on women in the church and what that looks like in Mali.  She also shared bits and pieces of her own story of growing up in a Muslim family, how she speaks out against the cultural practice of marrying minor children (as young as 8) and female circumcision, and her travels to teach village women sanitation and nutrition. She was kind and humble (we actually had met her when she and her husband came to our house church on Sunday). You couldn't help but feel that you were in the presence of someone great in the Kingdom, not because she was flashy or boasting, but because of the uphill battle that she faces with grace and wisdom. It was a delight. (And on a side note, when did they start sending kids to college? Seriously, I felt so old compared to the students around me. I guess I am in my late 20's- at least for three more weeks!)

5. There are several things Ella is passionate about: breakfast cereal, her blanket, the book "Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What do you Hear?" by Eric Carle, and her puffy vest.  It's been a struggle this winter, as it is just too cold to leave the house only in the puffy vest. But when the warm days creep in, she celebrates. Here's to many vest days ahead. I'm so ready for warmer weather, I'd wear the puffy vest if it would speed things along (yes- I do realize that is physically impossible- both me in the vest and it speeding things along).

"Yes, I do sit on this counter a lot. Problem?"

I really have got to go. Hope your weekend is warm and safe and quiet and slow. Happy Friday!


Teresa said...

You can kiss those late twenties good-bye in a couple more quik 7's.

Uncle J said...

I had the same thing happen to me first time at the GU library....