quick 5

What a week.The weather has warmed and the children are singing! We had our first round of mud pies today and boy are we ready for summer. Such a nice break from the cold, even if it is supposed to snow tomorrow.  I think it gave us hope that something good is on the way.

1.  I keep seeing a Megamind poster in Walmart, and it is subliminally pressuring me to cut my hair.

(The one on the left- not the right, in case you were panicking.) I know what you're thinking, risky business! Yes, the ultra short do is always a big risk, with a big recovery time, and little chance of success. But people- I'm about to be 30!!! I think it's now or never....or maybe next year.

2. Valentine's Day was quite charming around here.  The kids made little paper Valentines and enjoyed handing them out.  I, for one, am particularly upset about the direction of conversation hearts.  Besides the fact that they say stupid things like "TEXT ME" and "HOLLA", what's with the taste? Was there really something so bad about the way they tasted that they have to be "Tangy" or "Sparkling" now? I noticed today that in the Clearance aisle at Walmart, there were buckets of these new tangy hearts, and I felt vindicated.

3. Yesterday was a doozie.  It started with Isaac waking at 4:00 and slowly returning to sleep.  Ella woke at 5:30.  At some point (I don't remember it well because it is all a little fuzzy) I was curled up with Ella in her toddler bed trying to coax her to rest. And then she whacked me in the head and gave me a fat lip. Hours later, she tore off her diaper and proceeded to potty all over the boy's toy box.  And it wasn't yet 8:30.  The day proceeded with a zoo trip that I was not up to, a bottled water fest (part 1 in the wagon at the zoo, part 2 on my kitchen counters- thank you, Ella) and a nap time that consisted of no one napping at the same time. At 3:30, dazed, tired, and running on E, I prayed, "Lord, redeem this day!" It occurred to me last night that He truly did.  There weren't any miracles.  The house and I both looked as if we had a day. But we made it, and at the end we thanked God and moved on.

4. And we finished "Towers of Midnight" by Jordan and Sanderson. Woah.  WOAH. Yowza. It was good.  I doubt any of you have read the Wheel of Time, but should you attempt it, just look excitedly toward book 13. There is something really fun about reading a book together; it's almost like building mutual friends. Since the Narnia series during our dating years, we've read a number of books together; probably our favorite hobby.  I know some people say it doesn't work for them, but I'd encourage you to give it a try. 

5. Book Club tonight on "A Severe Mercy". It was quite a different experience reading the book at 29 as opposed to my original reading at 19. Still good, better even in some ways, but more uncomfortable. More on that as I process it. (And yes- there is a copy available if you would like to borrow it.)

I think that is it.  My house needs some serious attention.  I'm not just saying that to make you feel better about the state of your house. And if your house doesn't need attention, please don't tell me. No, you can tell me. Just don't rub it in, OK?



Uncle J said...

Why are you hating the haircut on the right? I would come get that copy but I couldn't sleep Tuesday night and was looking for something to read, then stumbled on Paradise War by Lawhead which I never got around to. Finished it Wednesday. Bought the rest of the trilogy yesterday......

Teresa said...

So funny, because at Elijah's basketball practice on Wednesday, he asked me, "What are you looking at?"

"See that lady over there?" I asked, "I think Miss Becky should get her hair cut like that."

Not sure what my son thought, but I wish I had a picture of the 'do, because it was supercute!