quick 5

Another week come and gone, to be chronicled by the quick 5. 

1. I have several rules about life that I have made up and that I live by.  One involves etiquette when returning tupperware. Others are less important, but all unspoken and quite random.  One rule in particular I call the "5 minute" rule.  This rule applies to parents when arriving somewhere "on time".  I add a 5 minute grace period per child, for up to three children (after that- you just got to pull your act together.) I also count the firstborn as three children in the first few months of life, meaning you give first time parents a 15 minute grace period to still be on time. I'm not sure when I formed this strange set of values, but feel free to live by them.

2. Last week I let Drew return a birthday gift to Walmart, and he was quite delighted with the resulting cash.  As we drove home, he schemed, "Mom, if we just return one of the couches, we could probably buy like seven toys." I replied, "But we sit on the couches..." His response, "Well...not both of them very often." Sheesh.

3. Ella's new word of the week is "else", as in "I want something else." Here is your snack, Ella. "Else". Here are your clothes for today. "Else." We're having water with lunch. "Else." Let's read this book. "Else." You get the picture. 

4. We got an inch of snow this afternoon.  In the month of January that would have not have been newsworthy, but after our warm days in the last week, it is downright discouraging!

5. The cats are on thin ice around here.  Cats are so smug, so very defiant in the way that they don't come when you call them or act phased by the squirt bottle that is supposed to keep them off the counters.  Garrett has resorted to stronger tactics- mouse traps covered by newspaper on the counter tops.  The idea is that the cats jump up on the counter, rattle the paper, set off the traps, and are scared by the loud snap. Garrett sets them when we leave the house, but I'm not seeing much of a difference. Oh cats...

Guess that's it. Seems like a short post but I am off to bed.  Enjoy your weekend =)

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