snowy saturday by ella

Hi, it's me again.  Ella. The cute one.  Sometimes I get a bum rap on here, like I'm all wild and crazy and out of control. So for the sake of fair journalism, mom is letting me post again.  And I'd like to tell you about my good Saturday. 

After eating rearranging mom's daisies on the dining room table, mom started following me around with the camera. So I played the piano.

And then collected things on the floor.

And then checked on my bubbas. They were watching 'toons and playing with the cats.  

The camera loves Isaac, don't you think?

Drew made Tutu some wings. 

Isn't he cute? I love my cats so much, and I let them know it by squeezing them and carrying them around the house. 

Next a surprise visitor showed up. (Well, it wouldn't have been a surprise if mommy would let me read her texts but she gets kind of touchy about me walking around with her phone.) Who could it be?

Grandpa Dave!

And what did he bring?
Isaac inspected the box right away, and confirmed the rumor that there were donuts.  I didn't wait any longer to claim mine. Life is short, and when you see what you want, you got to move on it.

This streaky picture is me grabbing my donut, a nice fresh buttermilk.

Me and my prize

So we all headed in to the kitchen to have a snack. 

This is my Drew. He thinks he is a super hero.  I know he is a super hero.

I-man loves the same donut as mommy. 

Here I am discussing politics with Grandpa. I was interested in his ideas about the current political climate and it's future ramifications.  And I was wondering how I would look in his hat.

Mah-velous, like I suspected.

Then I got grandpa ready to go.

And said good-bye.

Trouble. Grandpa. Donuts. All my morning was missing was a little...

family snuggle!

Mission complete. 

And that, my friends, is how to do a Saturday morning. 


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your Saturday with us, Ella!
Grandma Ruth

The Weddles said...

cute! It's fun to read the life of a mommy of 3. oh, and congrats on #4. I must have missed that somehow.