around the house

With the camera back in action, here's a few odds and ends of life around here. 
I had this not-so-brilliant idea to bring all the toys in the house into the dining room so that I could sort, purge, and put sets back together. It was one of those times where I needed a friend to say, "Oh what are you doing today?" and then I would explain my plan and then True Friend could say, "Becky, this would seem like wisdom but for the warning in my heart. Do not do this huge task. It is bigger than you. It is bigger than both of us. Stay there- I'm coming with Dr. Pepper." But no- I did it, kind of. And we survived. 

Ella is into having her nails done. It's really the easiest way to get her to sit still. 

And here's a shot of Ella when, on Toy Day, the boys dressed her. 

And with glasses.

Painting day

 Drew snapped this oh-so-flattering shot of mois. 

 And this picture of Tuck.


Christy said...

So Audrey just looked at this post over my shoulder, here are her comments: "Mommy, look! That boy's room is as messy as mine is!" And "Can we do that sometime? Get all messy like that? Is that chocolate?" You, my friend, are a much more fun mom than I...I have yet to get out REAL paints with my kiddos. But now I may have to... ;)

Becky said...


In all fairness, the painting is a rare activity though I am aiming to do it every other week. Crayola craft paints are so washable and come right off everything with just water- it's pretty simple to clean up. I think Audrey is on to a good idea: painting with chocolate...


rachel said...

I'm cracking up about all the toys in your living room. And cracking up about your wish for someone to bring you dr. pepper to get through it - I can SO relate! =) I'm trying to purge and sort, but by the end of the day the tasks overwhelm me and I lay on the couch and watch Hawaii Five-O.