an extraordinary zoo trip

Several weeks back we went to the zoo. Of course that in itself is not really newsworthy, as we live 8 minutes from our zoo and try to go weekly in the spring/summer.  But this trip was different than any other in the last six years- we went with NO STROLLER. It was revolutionary, crazy, an idea of sheer madness that turned out to be genius. For those of you who are in the thick of the preschooler years, who find yourselves grabbing the diaper bag just to take out the trash and packing sippy cups for a walk around the block, your day will come when those things will be no more. And what a day. Of course it's short lived, as baby (whose gender we learn on Thursday!) will be arriving in August. But I'm considering shying from the stroller and making a bold and unprecedented move toward the baby carrier (you know, Bjorn style?) This is mostly due to space issues in our mini van, and the stroller is so bulky. 

The reality that my baby isn't a baby any more is all too clear as I look through these pictures. Ella is a full on toddler, verging on teenager I'm afraid. Just look at my little lady, happy as a lark to walk beside her dad in the jungle.

(I should note that there aren't many animal pictures in this post, just a series of kid shots with each caption saying, "When did you grow up????")

Ella and Isaac in the jungle

 My sweet little girl

 Spotted an animal in the water

 Oh sheesh...

 This guy is growing pretty fast, too. When I asked him to sign a document saying that he promises to never leave me, he replied that he was pretty sure that was illegal. Wise guy, eh?

 We have a great zoo. This sea turtle is my favorite part of the aquarium (now that the octopus is MIA).

 Garrett grabbed the camera and took some shots.  This is the face Ella makes when you say, "Smile!" (Is it me or does her hair look a little red in this picture?)

And this classic Isaac pose belongs with the caption, "I gotta tell you...", which is his favorite way of starting sentences.

 Just shy of 30, I looked so young...

We got a series of car pictures and it made me smile to look at them.  Think about how much time you spend in the car, do you have pictures of it? I don't. These guys goofing around in the van is how we spend quite a bit of time. 


And there you have it.  The seasons of parenting come and go, and it's sweet to enjoy the diversity of each one.  Some day we'll head to the zoo with no diaper bag. Some day they'll all be able to read the signs in front of the animals. Some day one of them will actually drive the car on the way there. Let's just stop there; getting a little carried away here.

That's all for now. 

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rachel said...

yo becks! are you giving up facebook for lent? ha! =) I sent you a few proposal dates for a get-together if you're still up for it.

It's true - your people are getting big and grownup! Ella, especially, looks very un-babylike. =(