homeschool article..and other tidbits

I've recently discovered Simple Homeschool and like the diversity of the site and contributors.  Last week I read this article, The Worst Reason to Homeschool, and thought it was worth the read if you are pondering education choices for your own little herd. 

I feel like now that I'm on here I should say more.  We are in this funny, twilight zone where we are not adjusting to the time change.  This is nice in the morning (picture me waking, reading, reading, looking at clock and waiting on kiddos, reading some more...) but not so hot at night (kiddos not down until nine.) But this too shall pass.

Did you know that toddlers learn an average of 10 new words each day? Ella's new phrases today were "Pease! Pease! Wif a cherry on top!" (She actually manages to make that expression sound like a command.) And at bedtime, "Get out, mom." She didn't want me to stand by her door and make sure she stayed in bed. Sheesh, I thought we had a few years left before "Get out, mom" was part of her vocabulary. 

I heard a gum commercial today that said the average person will experience 28 first kisses.  Does that seem a bit excessive to anyone else? I'm just saying...

Today while playing out back with the kiddos and baby Kai, I was attempting to haul Kai and Ella around in the wagon. It seemed like much harder work than it should be.  But then it occurred to me that between the two of them they are three years and 70 lbs. No wonder it was hard to pull them along the bumpy yard.

I think that is all. I will wrap this up and send it into the void. "Good night, void." (just a little YGM quote to end your day on.)



Katie T. said...

I will admit to being a "lurker" from Christy's blog. : ) I appreciate your recommendations on homeschool stuff and still have my notes from the parenting workshop a couple of years ago...been consulting them recently as we pray about what we'll do for school with our kids. (And, I am a serious YGM fan too! )

Teresa said...

Everyday is better with a little YGM quote.

Lucy said...

I JUST found that blog last night. How funny.