quick 5

(Insert intro here)

1. I'm having one of those 'uh oh' moments where I stare at the blank screen and realize that despite it being fairly early and quiet around here, this is looking to be an uninspired quick 5. Why does that keep happening?  Has the quick 5 run it's course? Or maybe during pregnancy I should only attempt a quick 2.5; that could be doable. Five things seems like so many to say at this particular moment.  But I guess there's only four left.

2. Right now I am enjoying the calming sound of the dishwasher swooshing in the background.  For some reason that is one of my favorite background noises, maybe because it assures me that though my feet are up, the dishes are being scrubbed. Maybe there could be a soundtrack for moms, background noise so to speak, of reassuring motherly type sounds.  It could include such tracks as the Hum of the Dishwasher, Thump of the Dryer, Soft breathing of Peaceful Sleeping Baby, etc.  I think I could sleep well to any of those. 

Ella's new fav thing is having her nails painted. She is way into it, like scream-when-we-pass-the-cosmetic-aisle-because-she- wants-to-look-at-nail-polish kind of into it.  But even at almost two years,  she deals with the same dilemma as every other female...

"I just painted it and it's already chipping! Ugh."

4. Last week's play date with Baby Kai (who really is more like Toddler Kai now but I am in denial so we still call him Baby Kai) turned into a costumer party.  That's right, the box of superhero spandex, animal looks, princess gowns, and various accessories was pulled out. Here's what the boys chose:

Drew firmly believes that this dragon costume will fit him forever. "Still fits like a charm!" he declared as he zipped it up, with the dragon feet ending at his knees! Isaac was quite pleased with the ladybug antennas, which he declared to be electrically charged and able to shock enemies.

Yes, Ella once again chose Wolverine. How about a Tinkerbell dress? Princess gown? Crown, heels, beads? Oh no, "V-rine!" she declared. Ah, well.  Kai made his debut as the lion and roared so cutely for us. 

5. Today was the first happy hour of the season. Bless you, Sonic.  Bless you, sunshine. 

Well that wasn't so bad. I have a cat sleeping on my forearms so I am pinned down to the wrist.  I think this is how you are supposed to type, in theory.  I hope your weekend is sunny and fun and fine.  It is our tech-free weekend, which is really getting to be a not-so-big deal around here. And I like that.

Good night. 

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