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Do you ever cleverly store something in a new place, thinking how convenient this new location will be for said item, only to later not have a clue where that location is? Alas, this is the story of the camera cord, which I geniusly stored...somewhere. And so the awesome pics on my camera shall remain there for the time being. And so, for the pictureless quick 5.

1. Last week I watched "The Social Network", a popular (and Oscar-nominee) movie based on the true story of how Facebook came to be.  I was...underwhelmed.  For some reason, I assume that movies that are nominated for "Best Picture" are going to be kind of wow. For me, this movie was kind of oh. Not bad, just didn't float my boat.  I'm not sure why I have this expectation of Academy Award winners when usually I haven't seen any of the movies, or the ones I did see were not so hot.  We did watch the awards a few weeks back, and the experience itself confirms what you read on the front of magazines in the checkout aisle- that Hollywood is not an elite sampling of us but a whole other them

2. For his birthday, Drew received a play set of action figures called Almighty Heroes. Though the figures are currently packed away, the boys will act out the drama themselves. Today I overheard this conversation...

Isaac: Want to play Mighty heroes?
Drew: Ok.  I'll be Moses.
Isaac: But I want to be Moses! He has a shield and a sword.
Drew: (convincingly) You be David...he has a sling shot...and he beats Goliath...
Isaac: He is small.  I want to be Moses. You be the long hair guy.
Drew: No, Samson only has one weapon.  (convincing again) Why don't you be Samson? He does have super-human strength...
Isaac: (feeling a surge of testosterone) Ok! I am Samson!
(Enter Ella)
Drew: Come on Ella, you can be Goliath.
(Mighty Heroes exit kitchen to save the world...or at least the Israelites.)

3. I am now 30. Several people have asked me about how I felt on the subject of turning 30. And I guess all I can say is I feel...30. There's a certain reality to my life that is not making me 1) yearn to be younger (I actually laid in bed on my 30th birthday and thought, "In ten years when I turn 40, the kids will be 16, 13, almost 12, and 9. No diapers. I can't wait to be 40.") 2) have any delusions of still being a hip 20-something (or ever being a hip 20 something).  I drive a mini van that is about to reach maximum capacity.  I have not worn heels in six months.  I say things out loud like "Gosh, I love soft scrub!".  Let's just call it like it is, shall we? Welcome to the 30's!

4. We watched American Idol last night for the first time this season.  It was almost nostalgic, as there was a time in my life when we were AI junkies, had our favorite contestants, watched it three nights a week (sheesh.) But not any more.  So we turned it on to check out the season and see what's up.  It was Top 13 Night, and about 5 of the performances were bearable.  I found myself straightening the kitchen and changing over laundry during the second half of performances.  Guess that show has run it's course for me. (And something about the absence of Simon Cowell, I mean really- AI without Simon? Hard to believe.) I know my sis-in-law is rooting for Paul. Anyone else have a favorite?

5. Do you know what the most commonly misspelled word is in college level writing? Separate. The key to spelling it right is to remember that there is "a rat" in separate. Random, but useful. 

I guess that's it. Like I mentioned earlier, I have pictures galore to wow you with but they have been temporarily detained. Hope you have a warm and wonderful Friday. And Saturday. And Sunday too, for that matter. 

Over and out.

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