quick 5

Not time for small talk. On to the 5.

1. We have one of those weekends coming, you know, the ones where you hide under the covers in the morning and your spouse has to give you reasons to get out and face the day. Guess it isn't quite that bad, but it has the potential to be a doozy.  Oh sure, in theory it should all work together.  But should one child decide not to sleep, to get sick, to un-potty train, etc., it could be chaos. 

2. In light of the recent events in Japan, Garrett and I were talking about how ill-prepared Americans are in general for natural disasters.  We seem to feel a bit invincible, and underestimate the impact of natural disasters.  As a school project, Drew and I started to work on preparing our basement as a "shelter" for tornado season.  I figured we could research it, set it up, and then hopefully be an example to Drew of being wisely cautious in the midst of nature. On day one, Drew began to brainstorm items he thought might be needed. I was tracking with everything on the list until he came to "water balloons". What was that for, I asked. "Well, we have to bring something to do down there for hours." Oh, a water fight. Right. 

3. Isaac has been a pendulum of emotions lately.  His new expressed emotion is frustration, taking the form of saying, "Mom, I'm so mad at you right now. I fwustwated!"  This phrase has come out often, so often that Drew finally commented, "Isaac, if you get mad all the time then it doesn't work any more." So true.

4. This week I made Restaurant Style Salsa from The Pioneer Woman. I am a salsa gal. In recent years  the old store-bought salsas have fallen out of favor with me, and I find myself trying to eat three months worth of salsa each time we are at a Mexican restaurant. Not good.  So when I saw this recipe I knew I had to try it.  It was OK, if by OK you mean I actually drank the salsa from the bowl and then used a spatula to lick it clean. Oh, yeah. That good.  In fact I have everything to whip up a double batch for the weekend's activities. (Saturday night I have an outing with the girls and Garrett is hosting some guys, so there will be "flavorfully mild" for us and "so hot that my tastebuds turned tasteduds" for them.) Delish, as Drew has taken to saying. Kids these days...

5. For my birthday, Garrett gave me a new coffee maker, a day of kid-free working to clean out our room (he's the best), and a book, The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name by Sally Loyd-Jones. While all the gifts were appreciated, I think the book will be the one that echoes through our family.  This retelling of the Bible is written in a fresh and clear way, with the emphasis on God's plan to rescue His children through the coming of Christ.  Every story ties back in to the theme of man's separation from God and God's desire to bring him back. It is beautiful.  It's hard to resist Drew's pleads, "Just one more story!" so we read a few each day. I would highly recommend it from preschool all the way up (we have friends who use it with their teens!)  It would make a great baby shower, family, or birthday gift for any age. You really should check it out. 

I guess that's it. Last week after posting, I thought of three more things that I had meant to say. Of course I can't think of them now, but if I do I will add a quick 3. 

Happy Friday.

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