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I am just minutes away from getting this quick 5 out while it is still Friday. It was one of those days, days where life seems to pile and pile up, and the idea of pausing to write the quick 5 seems impossible and downright irresponsible. But while the little people sleep and I wait for the cats to come out of hiding so I can stow them away for the night, I will make it a quick 5.

1. Tonight I watched "Eat Pray Love" with Julia Roberts. It was the saddest movie I've seen in some time. There was something about her lonely journey, something in the quest to just find peace, that made me so grateful for my own cheerio-filled reality. Oh sure, there are elements of wandering Rome with an appetite and a camera that sound fun (elements like marinara, gelato, fresh pizza...maybe that's just the bebe talking) But the loneliness of a drifting life, the aftermath of going from relationship to relationship; I was exhausted for her.

2. I haven't read anything in a while. I think this is telling, because I always feel a little out of whack when I am not reading, like I'm a bit less me. Hoping to pick something up tomorrow.

3. Call me crazy, but pepsi is crowding in on Dr. Pepper on my list of favorite drinks. I know, shocking to say the least...

4. On Tuesday I'll be 20 weeks pregnant. Half way through. I'm starting to show quite a bit, starting to have the lovely tearing feeling in the abdomen that comes as an after affect of the last c-section (I'm pondered a post "What they don't tell you about C-sections"- but it's really not very constructive. So if you want to know- hit me up on facebook. For everyone else I will spare you those realities. And for the record, I am thankful for c-sections because they are a medical technology that we have and much of the world does not, and quite possibly a c-section saved Drew's life.  I'm just not into the "Oh, you had a c-section- you lucky duck!" philosophy that people seem to hold. Can you tell I've been holding in a little rant about this? Tis true.  And August baby will be a c-section, I guess I might explain that journey at some point.)

5. About once a night Ella wakes and crosses the hall to our room. She does not cry or whine; she simply stands framed in the doorway, footies shuffling the hall, blankie over her shoulder, pacifier in her mouth. Then a little hand wrinkles in the light and a deep little voice says, "Hi." That's it. "Hi." I'd trade all of Rome (and all the food that comes with it) for that 'hi'. (Come to think of, I think "Eat Pray Love" would make a pretty good title for a movie about motherhood, don't you? Maybe "Eat Pray Scrub"...but love should be in there, too.)

Good morning, I guess, as it is Saturday now.  The cats have not emerged so I will allow them their sneaky night roaming the house and head to bed. Hope you and yours are thankful for what God has given you. 

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Teresa said...

I will take the partial blame for number two, if you will acknowledge your part in my awakening to Dr. Pepper.

When I'm at Bucky's, and I can't decide between the two, I just do both: Dr. Pepsi