aye aye captain

Today I returned to the lunch table to find that Isaac had been painting with yogurt- his feet, his knees, his chair. Ella had followed suit. This discussion followed. 

Me: Isaac, you are not a little toddler any more. You are going to be four soon. 

Isaac: I know. 

Me: It is important that you make good choices. When you make good choices, Ella makes good choices. When you make bad choices, Ella makes bad choices. You are teaching her. She follows you. You're a leader.

(At that last sentence, Isaac began to smile, implying I was getting through to him. And then...)

Isaac: So do I get an eye patch?


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Anonymous said...

Wow, I think I follow his logic here - not sure I want to admit it! In one episode of Backyardigans about the pirates, the leader wore the eye patch! I may have watched too many Backyardigans, too! Grandma Ruth