a bad combination

I've been staring at an empty post for about 35 minutes, proving once again that it is pointless to attempt to blog and ignore an episode of Battle Star Galactica at the same time. It's like watching a movie while studying. Grocery shopping while talking on the phone. Talking on the phone while surfing the internet. All ineffective combinations.

Random thoughts are running through my head...

...at the conference last weekend, I chatted with a lady who is a  "cloth diapering mentor". She said that using cloth diapers would save me $2500 per child. As I thought about this and did the math, I think that is a bit extreme. No doubt it would save money, and I know many people who do it for environmental reasons. I just can't seem to take that leap in my mind. I dunno. (To her credit, she was very nice and simply trying to encourage women to attempt that leap. I liked her.)

...my husband is now watching an anime cartoon. Much easier to ignore.

...I think I might like to be some kind of self-proclaimed mentor. I am contemplating perhaps a  "Fountain drink mentor". (Seriously, for those of you who really want to save money on fountain drinks this summer, start saving those cups.) If you could mentor in a skill of yours that is practical but not often known, what would it be? 

...two random facts about my high school friend, Rachel. She met the Pioneer Woman a few weeks ago. And she is coming to visit me this week. Two very exciting events in her life that are so close together. Lucky her. Lucky me. Lucky Pioneer Woman. 

...if the Fountain drink mentor doesn't take off, I have the back up ideas of "Decorating your house with things in your own basement" mentor or Grilled pizza mentor. Both very practical skills. 

...the cartoon is actually getting interesting so this post is losing steam.

...hope you have a good week. Hope I have a good week. Going to bed now would help.

...good night. 


Victoria said...

$2500 per child does seem a bit extreme, but I still think the savings are significant. Cloth diapering is quite the heart change, but there is just something about putting cuddly cloth on your baby's bum, washing them and having a whole clean set that you DIDN'T HAVE TO BUY AGAIN that is so satisfying. It's one of those things that once you take the leap, you'll wonder what the big deal was. Just my two cents. :)

Becky said...
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Anonymous said...

Here is my 2 cents on your 2 cents.
I feel like you are forgetting the part about washing poop filled diapers. You know the ones that are so bad that even after they are in a plastic bag and in the trash can they still make the whole room unbearable. You end up needing to take the 1/2 full trash bag to the dumpster just to be able to breath the air in your house! But if you save $2500 a child.... nope still no!


Lucy said...

You are indeed QUITE the Grilled Pizza Mentor!

Victoria said...

Here's four cents for you, Garrett: poop goes in the toilet. Besides, what would you do if you accidentally got poop on your shirt? You'd probably wash it. Same thing for diapers. Dump the poop in the toilet, throw the diaper in the wash. It may seem hard core, but it's really not, if you think about it.