gone fishin'

 Somewhere along the way, a conversation went like this...

Boyfriend: Do you like camping?
Girlfriend: Yeah, I like camping.
Boyfriend: (skeptical) Have you been camping?
Girlfriend: Uh...do cabins count?
Boyfriend sighs and shakes his head.

The beauty of a family is that it blends the culture of two families into one new our family. Garrett grew up in beautiful Colorado where he roamed the mountains, fished the rivers, and spent many a night snoozing in a tent. His love of outdoors is definitely a value that he brings to our family.

(From my side, there is a strong love of donuts. Well, I'm sure there are other things, I just have donuts on the mind because I'm sipping a big cup of decaf and keep thinking, "I could use a donut right now.")

Anyways, part of the outdoor adventure is fishing. So away we went. 

 I debated if Ella and I should accompany the menfolk on this excursion, but decided my presence was necessary for the event to be properly documented. And it was such a beautiful day outside, so the idea of an evening by the lake sounded fun. 

 Here's the guys getting ready.

 Isaac talked non-stop about fishing for the two days prior. He was stoked. 

 Ella was everywhere. In the pic above she was laying on the bench, asking Garrett's friend a million questions about what he was doing. 
 I then entertained her by letting her take pictures. The above shot is the only one with an actual person in it. 

An hour passed and nothing was biting. The boys got distracted and chased other kids around. Garrett was making adjustments, and then right at sun down he reeled in a trout. 

There was much rejoicing.

 Drew held the fish, though when it wiggled hard I wasn't sure he'd be able to hold on to it. Isaac didn't want to hold it but enjoyed it from a distance. 

 I love that smile on I-man's face. 

 We ran out of food, so Ella began to get cranky. And then we packed up and headed home....

...to eat fried fish. Yum. The boys were crazy about it. I'll spare you all of the gutting and cleaning the fish pictures, mostly because the light in our kitchen was weird. 

What a fun evening. Here and there you have those chances to do things with your kids, things that will be a lot of work. And there are so many good reasons to just stay home and not do it. But when you do, you realize how much delight it brings them, how fresh air is good for the lungs and the soul, and how their little minds soak in every new experience.

Needless to say, there's rumor of another fishing trip this weekend...

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