a (not so) quick {other} 3

I know- kind of lame to break up the quick 5 like this. I promise not to make a habit of it.  Now where was I...

3. Today my friend and I wandered Gordmans and oohed and aahed over their pictures. Isn't it fun to look at home decor? Somewhere along the way I adopted a decorating philosophy where I prefer to only hang things in my house that I love. (There are some exceptions, particularly things I found in my basement that are on the walls right now but are certainly not permanent fixtures in my mind). So around my house there are blank walls that are sitting empty, just waiting for the right thing to be discovered. No rush really, just room to grow into the house as the years go by. I am itching to find something I love to hang over our living room couch, as it is a major centerpiece of the main floor. I just can't quite seem to find something that needs to be there.  But today I did buy the wall art to the right...I just couldn't help myself and I don't even know why. It just wanted to be in my kitchen.  And now it is. 

4. Have you ever taken the Myers-Briggs personality test? I think I have written about that a time or two before. Recently we were hanging with some friends and took the survey again. I tested out at an ESFJ-  (you can take the test here) a personality called the Provider.  Though the assessment itself is helpful, what is really insightful is the book Please Understand Me that goes into extreme detail about the personality types. It's fascinating to read about personality pairings, your personality's tendencies as a parent, spouse, friend, or worker. The first time we read about the Guardian/Rational marriage, we were pretty convinced that someone had been spying on us for years and then had written a synopsis of our relationship; it was that accurate. (For the record, my hubs is an INTJ). You should take the test- and tell us what you come out as...

5. My sister-in-law, Emily (known as Aunt Mimi around here) turned 15 this week. That's right. She is in the thick of the teens and now in the driver's seat. Though the gap is fairly big between her and Garrett (17 years) we'd say she is one of the best surprises ever. Not only do our kids think she is way cool and fun, but she also is a stellar babysitter, keeps us all young and hip, can literally shop 'til she drops, and is very fun to hang out with. We're so thankful for you, Em! Happy Birthday!

I guess that's it. Looking forward to a Sabbath of rest and worship, and a strong nine hours of sleep tonight. (The main lingering affect of this pregnancy is exhaustion, I just can't seem to shake it. So I am going to fight it the old fashioned way: with caffeine sleep.)

Thanks for reading. It's fun to write here, and I appreciate all the comments lately.  Good night!

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You are the ink on my virtual paper.

Thanks for writing in your blog.