quick 5

Happy Friday, everyone. Just a few quick things...

1. The 'quick 5' is becoming an internet phenomenon. OK, maybe that is a slight exaggeration. But there are several people who have hopped on the wagon to give tidbits of their week in five simple points.  My friend from the college days, Tori, writes her quick 5 here. Then there's Christy who I met at our old church. Amy who used to care for Drew in the church nursery when he was a little guy. And Stacey who is a good friend of a good friend. Glad the trend is catching on!

2. Thursday morning I sent a simple text to some friends and family. It read: 
Girl =)

3. Garrett has been using a website called Elance that allows you to contract out projects for a range of needs.  The site is very user friendly and reliable. Garrett is currently on his second project and the fascinating thing is how connected the world has become.  Working on a brochure revision for his organization (Release Ministries), Garrett contracted a graphic designer in Pakistan. Not only do they e-mail back and forth about revisions, they have conference calls via Skype and can actually be modifying the document at the same time in front of each other. It's amazing.  When they conference called the other day, the guys in Pakistan were watching the World Cricket finals. Garrett has enjoyed getting to know them and it seems mutual.  The whole thing blows my mind. Guess it's a small world after all.

4. As Ella begins to interact more with her brothers, the fighting has increased. But she is taking it all in stride, in true princess form.  Her new saying of the week: "Take turns. I first."

5.  On Saturday night I was fighting putting Ella to bed and heard this song on the radio. It moved me. The description of Christ ("freely you bled for us") and the powerful invitation to "Come awake". We (hubs and I) have been talking of the New Covenant lately, of how central it is in understanding our life in Christ truly as NEW LIFE and not as sin management.  As Easter approaches, I ponder how to help my children understand that this holiday is the core to everything that we believe. (I would love input on meaningful Easter traditions that help toward this end.)

Here's the video.  Hope it blesses you as you rise and "Come awake."

Matt Maher- Christ is Risen

Have a great weekend!


Victoria said...

So thrilled for you guys (and Ella) about your coming little girl! Very exciting. :)

Lucy said...

YEA for baby girls!!!! Can't wait!!

K said...

Congrats!!!! So happy for you all!

Mike and Camey said...

Congratulations on your second baby girl Becky! Loved the pictures!
(: Camey