quick 5

Well, hello again. Can it be Friday already? Here's a few things to think on for the weekend.

1. Last weekend I went to a homeschool conference put on by NCHEA. It was just what the doctor ordered. Seriously. I don't really even know where to start in describing how desperately I needed a little encouragement through the end of the year blah's, a good dose of vision for the challenging fall ahead (nothing simplifies a situation like a new baby!), and some fresh ideas. I found it all (and some very fun new curriculum and ideas).  I am hoping to write a specific post once I go through my notes and gather all my ideas and findings from the weekend. But I'd say the thing that impacted me most was the idea that every child in my family is in school. I don't need to stash the little people away so that the real students can get some school done, I need to recognize that they are all little learners and engage them with age-appropriate activities. One of the ideas I loved was scheduling the day so that older children have specific time with younger children. That might mean while I try to read with Isaac, Drew and Ella are doing puzzles. Or perhaps while I do math with Drew, Isaac could be playing with the baby on a blanket. Something about that whole picture struck me as "This is where we are headed." More to come.

2. I took this series of pictures during school time- which we had outside on Wednesday. Sometimes I refer to the kids by their birth order, and lately 2 and 3 just crack each other up. I was busy with Drew when Isaac called, "Mama! Look at us!"

 Bicycle built for two
 Cracking each other up
 Serious once I say "Cheese"
 Such little buddies. I love it. 

3. Ella and her wardrobe. Oh brother. I may have to just hide the puffy vest once the weather is warmer. It's her must-have accessory for leaving the house. 
 Perfect for skateboarding or a night out

 3. One of the ideas from the conference was to take workbooks or puzzle books and put the pages into clear sleeves, turning it into a book your kids can do over and over. I grabbed a couple of different activity books and put them in binders and the boys have really enjoyed them. They use a dry erase marker and then just clean the page when they're done! 

4. We grilled pizza on Tuesday night.  I feared that maybe it might have become better in my mind, like somehow time had enhanced the flavor and I might be disappointed with the reality. It. Was. Awesome. Enough said. 

5. It's tech-free week around here. We haven't really missed the TV or Wii much, besides a few late morning melt-downs (insert mental picture of toddler or pregnant woman, both can fit) where it would have been nice to turn on PBS. But we're doing lots of other stuff. While I was cooking dinner tonight, Drew walked in and said, "Mom, we're building a pile to the ceiling in the living room. We ran out of blankets so we're going to use dirty clothes." Not so much, I informed him. It was a formidable pile, that we played in the rest of the night.  =)

Guess that's all from our neck of the woods. Have a great weekend!


Stacey said...

I would be very interested in hearing what you learned at the conference! I know it will be a few years before we even start Eliza on curriculum, but because this is all so new to me, I'm trying to learn as much as I can. Thanks for sharing!

Derrick, Shelbie, kai, Addalyn and Eli said...

Thanks for the teaching ideas....although I will probably never do homeschool it's helpful to hear ideas for a preschool jumpstart! I am in need.
We are very proud to see Ella with a skateboard!!...vest or whatever her attire!

Teresa said...

Loving Apologia Science & Latin. Looking forward to hearing more of your thoughts of the weekend!

Anna said...

Hi Becky! It had been been a while since I last checked your blog. (Almost hate to admit it, but not since Christmas) Ella especially has changed so much. I enjoyed seeing her and Issacc trying to both squeeze on the same tricycle...and of how of Drew and Issac confiscate all the blankets and pillows possible to build a huge pile! LOL Doesn't sound like there's ever a dull moment in your home! I also find inspiration in the way you express yourself....witty, yet humble, certainly motivating, no doubt humerous! :)

I knew you were expecting a baby, but didn't know until today just how far along you were in your pregnancy. It looks like you're ahead of me by only two weeks! (My due date is August 19th) I'm both super excited and nervous about this new role of becoming a mom.