quick 5

I debated just posting pictures, but then remembered I had a few 'quick 5' things I had tucked away in the back of my mind. So perhaps a combination of the two will work:

1.  Ella's 5 P's:
 Pajamas. Pigtails. Puffy vest. Power drill. Perfection.

2. Our love for our cats sometimes catches me off guard. I'm not a cat person, and find myself irritated by the way they just walk by you when you call their names. But I have to admit, both of our little feline friends have amazing patience and fortitude in the midst of the exuberant 'love' of our children. 
 (Ella nabbed Tutu off the counter)

Isaac, um well, how to explain this one...Isaac has a little comedy routine that he does, which usually begins with him placing this salsa bowl as a hat on his head. In this particular instance, Tutu wandered by just as Isaac was gearing up to perform. This cat has really bad timing.

(Salsa bowl get-up)

3. I have been sorting through my notes from the homeschool conference. One of the things I really enjoy about attending is the list of great ideas I come home with. One speaker mentioned that if you have lacing beads for your kids to string, give them pipe cleaners when they are younger. We have a set of vehicle lacing beads which (with the substitution of pipe cleaner for shoe lace) are suddenly right on Ella's level. 

I'm all about ways to keep this little lady busy while the boys work on their lessons! And she feels quite the sense of accomplishment that she can do it. (On a side note but related to other posts, I look back at the homeschool conference and realize that in many ways God answered my cry for wisdom at that conference. I feel a good direction about next year, peace about some major decisions to shift our focus, and very excited for the fall. And all because I cried to Him for wisdom and He answered. So don't think that curriculum or educational theory is outside of the realm of what He will instruct you in; He desires to guide us in all things!)

4. Kiddos and I made that Easter Candy Bark this afternoon and found that, indeed, this candy and I were Made For Each Other. It's good. It's pretty. It's so easy you can do it with all your children present and 'helping'. What's not to love about melted chocolate covered in candy? 

I modified the recipe (which is two posts down) by using Mini Robin Eggs and Cool Mint Oreos. I just didn't feel like buying all the other candy only to use 1/4 cup of each. So between those two toppings, leftover melting wafers from Ella's birthday, and sprinkles- we were good to go. (I would like to go on the record as saying that Cool Mint Oreos are The Bomb. Thank you.)

5. One of the questions you get when you're pregnant is "Have any weird cravings?" While I'm not biting the ends off matches or eating laundry detergent (both stories I've heard- yikes!) it seems to me that in each pregnancy there are foods that just always sound good. With Drew, it was the McChicken. Oh yes, this little bundle of 99 cents consists of a fried chicken patty, smothered in mayo and lettuce, plopped on a sesame bun. I didn't crave them, I was just always hungry if one was available (and in those days, with no little kids, living with teens, and in the car a  lot, the McChickens were readily available. Could there be a correlation between # of McChickens vs. Weight gain? I see a graph coming.) Isaac was the pregnancy of Italian Dressing. Again- not a craving, I just always was trying to find a way to work Italian dressing into the meal (and I gained less weight that go round...imagine that.) With my Ella- it was the potato: french fries, mashed potatoes, potato soup, twice baked potatoes...always appetizing. The current bun in the oven has finer taste: Asian Chicken salads.  I've always liked them, but now I am a fan. Like when there is one in front of me, I have a hard time focusing on the conversation. So tasty. Crunchy. Lovely. Makes my mind wander to thoughts like...wonder when I'll have another one of these. 

(I've been trying to spare you the pregnancy aches and pains posts cause, let's face it, no one wants to read that. And we all know that once week 30 hits and the cankles start arriving, those "I'm holding more water than Shamu's tank!" posts will just come. And I apologize ahead of time.  But when your writing philosophy is "Write the truest thing you know," that involves a lot of talk of swelling from weeks 30-40 for me. In case you're pacing yourself for when to stop reading, I am now 23.5 weeks long. So in June, it could get ugly. Just be aware.)

And one last picture, "For the homies.." as my husband would say.

Sheesh, I love this girl. 


Tomorrow is Good Friday and the beginning of the Resurrection weekend events. I hope that you will find your Easter holiday is reflective and personal, full of celebration and renewal as you think on the resurrection of Christ. 

He is Risen! <><


Teresa said...

Gosh, Becky, I would have never guessed you loved Asian Chicken salads this much ... unless I remembered that you ordered one EVERY time we ate during the homeschool conference!

(Minus, maybe, the Runza stop I just HAD to have) What? no Asian Chicken Salads at Runza? Guess you'll have to settle for a hamburger. Which is what I always get at Runza. Not.

ACsalads + Becky = M.F.E.O.

My mouth was watering the whole time. Why did I get this stupid bowl of noodles?

Laura Brooker said...

You are so enjoyable :) I love your blog so much!

Uncle J said...


check it out for drew